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We are the people you call on for strategies to grow your business. To protect a corporate reputation. To launch a new brand. Or revitalize an old one.

We can help you harness the brand-building power of social media. Engage valuable viewers on any screen. Or drive unprecedented traffic to your digital storefront.

As our world changes, we know what it takes to help you change with it, while staying true to your purpose and your people.

In a time when a brand must continually engage the right people, in authentic ways with valuable content—or risk its very relevance—we can be your guide. After all, it’s what we’ve been doing for over 80 years. For some of the most forward-thinking companies we know.

At GodwinGroup, we have the people, ideas and connections to make a powerful difference for your brand—from newborn local businesses to national household names.

In a time of boutique firms with limited resources, GodwinGroup provides an uncommon level of depth. Not only of resources, but of expertise.

It’s a depth that extends from branding to marketing to reputation management—to an aggressive digital marketing team comprised of the industry’s top-ranked leaders, whose proprietary technology delivers revolutionary results on Google and Bing.

So whether you’re looking for an award-winning creative team with unconventional ideas, nationally acclaimed counsel to protect your hard-earned reputation or access to top-level expertise to set your digital performance on fire, you can find it right here, at Godwin.

And it’s all delivered with the kind of service we would like to get ourselves: Patient, thoughtful guidance. From the big picture to the critical details.

Featured portfolio items.

Mississippi Runs Deep - Tourism Digital/Traditional/Video

Mississippi runs deep. So do our results. Godwin’s 2018 Mississippi tourism campaign generated 90,395 visitors, 93,765 rooms booked and more than $54 million in visitor spending—all in just six months. This represents a 21:1 ratio of visitor spending to marketing investment. On top of that, the campaign was responsible for an estimated 700 sustained jobs.


MedjetAssist - Digital/Web campaigns

MedjetAssist is a membership program, targeting affluent travelers, that arranges air medical transport to the member’s hospital of choice within their home country. The member pays an annual fee. Medjet has worked with Godwin Digital since 2008 to acquire new members and renewals.


Hancock Whitney - Finance/Merger - Digital and Traditional

Hancock Bank is a part of the Hancock Holding Company (NASDAQ: HBHC). Hancock has $23 billion in assets and does business in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Texas.

Post Hancock-Whitney Bank merger the company needed to develop and execute an internal communications program that united all associates of the two banks into one common culture with one common internal brand. The assignment was complex since the Holding Company has two external-facing bank brands. The plan would communicate, inspire and energize bank associates by respecting history and heritage, but replacing old loyalties with shared optimism and pride in the new culture. The new program would also introduce this culture to new hires and communicate it during the “On boarding process.”


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