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Featured portfolio items.

Antham Construction

Website: anthamgroup.com A family-owned company for the niche market of health care construction/renovation, Antham has a reputation for excellent in construction management and communication/professionalism.

Problem With little understanding of the internet, Antham had bought into an ineffective Yellow pages campaign that had them paying high fees for zero lead generation. Worse - they had no visibility on marketing activities and the client was not building equity online because of the proprietary tools deployed by Yellow Pages.

Solution Rebuilding the website in an environment they could control, and deploying an inbound marketing strategy to highlight their service offerings. We write/deploy weekly blog posts, leverage social platforms to highlight and boost awareness of their offerings.

Result They currently rank in the #1 position for 53 keyword phrases and have 172 keyword phrases in the top 3. The company's growth allowed them to expanded their service offerings and they now pursue larger projects knowing they have a stable stream of leads originating from the Inbound Marketing strategy. Additionally, our client tells us that vendors and suppliers across the industry have more respect and awareness of them and refer mor


Lawntroopers (Website and Marketing)

Lawn Troopers Website: lawntroopers.com Lawn Troopers is a full-service, residential lawn-maintenance company. They offer grass cutting, lawn treatments and gardening services in the GTA.

Problem Lawn Troopers had an established business with predictable growth. They had a strong brand image and wanted to take their website marketing to the next level.

Solution As a long-time client, we understood the clients' brand, and after having a business conversation about their growth targets, we agreed that the website needed an overhaul and the marketing needed to be extended beyond their typical PPC campaigns. In Deploying a new website with engaging videos, an intelligent chatbot and a stronger focus on local SEO and content marketing, Lawn Troopers is poised to dominate 2021.

Result Strong calls to action are driving more RFQ’s. SEO performance for high-value keywords has increased, and the new chatbot is generating significantly more inquiries than previous years.


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