Los Angeles, California, United States

Founded in 2008, Kluge is an award-winning human centered design firm located in Los Angeles.

Kluge services fast growing B2B technology companies, supporting their marketing and product departments with design facilitation, product enhancements and improved customer experiences.

Featured portfolio items.

TeleSign - From Security to Communications

TeleSign built a global company offering fraud prevention and authentication solutions to large enterprise clients. The company needed to expand from Security into the Communications space. This meant expanding its offerings and also its reach beyond traditional enterprise 
C-Suite buyers, by finding ways to address the developer audience.

Having worked with Kluge since 2014, TeleSign asked us to lead this broader outreach effort by leading a brand refresh, a web redesign and the design of its first self service portal so that it could target developers.


Toluna - Onboarding Conversion Up 10%

Toluna is a market research company offering services and solutions to the world’s biggest brands. It powers its insights through a community of panelists that is 11 million strong, distributed across 118 different regions.

These panelists are expensive to acquire and yet very valuable to the company.

Toluna saw an opportunity to rebrand its community website and simplify its onboarding process in order to improve its conversion rate. Kluge’s mandate was to improve the onboarding of new community members by 10% in 3 months.


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