Marketing by Kevin, LLC

Homewood, Illinois, United States

I'm an SEO affiliate marketer and consultant that promotes products and training with customer-focused content that aids our target audiences in their purchasing decisions. Everything starts with an SEO plan. Our SEO plans are similar to blueprints to an architect. A good architect would never approve the construction of a house or building without robust and approved designs before the start of construction. I view marketing plans for products and business the same. If it's helping a local company, e-commerce website, a new blog, or any other business or product seeking growth, I begin by explaining the principals of SEO. I start with the foundation of SEO so my clients can digest our developing marketing plan more effectively, understand what is needed, what and why spends are in place and the projected time frame of the project. If we can help better-set expectations from the start to then focus on the business drivers, its a win/win situation.

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