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Online Optimism is a leading digital marketing agency. We’re dedicated to helping businesses in New Orleans, throughout the Gulf Coast, and around the country grow through effective, measured campaigns. At Online Optimism, we bring smart, 21st century advertising solutions to age-old problems.

Using a data-driven approach, Online Optimism achieves the best results for your marketing campaigns so you can accomplish your goals. Our research and expertise, combined with your company’s insight and experience, enable us to produce practical, long-lasting outcomes. Whether your business is just starting out or it’s been a pillar of the community for decades, digital marketing can take your organization to the next level.

Featured portfolio items.

Rebuilding a Digital Presence for St. Thomas Community Health Center

St. Thomas Community Health Center needed a website that would be helpful to their existing patients, bring in new patients, showcase their staff’s incredible expertise, and cater to a wide audience that had an incredibly varied set of needs. St. Thomas has several modern medical facilities, but their previous website didn’t match the standard of quality and care of their faculty. With limited contact forms, non-existent SEO, and lacking social media integration, their website didn’t match the professionalism that is expected of a leading team of medical professionals.

Our team met the challenge head-on. First, numerous meetings with stakeholders established the significant amount of content necessary for the new site and its end goals, namely:

- A stronger digital presence - New functionality through online appointment reservations - Design that changed the main visitor goal depending on the device

Our design team went to work creating a style that was friendly yet professional, while our content team put on their scrubs and crafted knowledgeable, health-related copy for the site. With the approval of the St. Thomas team, we put it all together and launched the new site.

Our mobile-first redesign took center stage of our marketing campaign. Users on desktop and tablet devices were directed to appointment forms, and users on mobile devices were steered to call St. Thomas directly.

Our website relaunch was a stunning success. Every metric our team reviewed improved in a measurable fashion, from decreasing the bounce rate to increasing time on site.

Patients expressed satisfaction with the easy appointment system, and hundreds of conversions per month were delivered to the organization.


Branding a Modern Software Suite

When Devolo Technologies approached us, it was at a turning point. It was rebranding the company and its software suite for the modern age. With a new name for itself and its products, NXXIO sought to tell its story through new logos and a scalable design language. NXXIO’s software promises a healthcare revolution, but its branding and website did not transmit that energy or message. A disconnected brand identity and a one-page website were not enough to revitalize the business.

We provided NXXIO with a comprehensive rebranding, including new logos, brand aesthetic, typography, and physical collateral, resulting in a consistent, professional look that aligns with the company’s values and position in the healthcare technology market. In addition, we updated NXXIO’s website to reflect its rebranding, add new pages of content for the benefit of customers as well as improved SEO, and increase the functionality of the website with easy navigation and responsive design.


Improving Superior Honda's Digital Presence in the Competitive Automotive Market with Google Ads and Video

Superior Honda, a New Orleans Honda dealership, seeking a cohesive and full-service marketing partner reached out to Online Optimism. They were frustrated with several other agencies that were performing a number of efforts without trackable results.

The dealership’s paid marketing efforts were producing substandard results through search engine marketing. Ads only appeared for very unique long-tailed keywords and terms related to the dealership name. Furthermore, those ads were not converting into customers.

Our approach to their digital advertising was to reach customers and interested buyers through all available avenues along their car-buying process. The goal was to increase Superior Honda’s visibility among a saturated market and ultimately improve sales.

With all of their digital advertising efforts under one agency, Online Optimism was able to help the dealership build a long-term, inclusive strategy that included:

- Variation in SEM advertising to include Search, Display, Mobile, and Remarketing - Using dynamic advertising to match any search for a purchasable vehicle - The addition of video content to help audiences see Superior Honda


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