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San Diego, California, United States
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Opel Solutions specializes in Ecommerce development and digital marketing. We have design and development expertise in WordPress and Bigcommerce platforms, while our digital marketing team comprises of SEO experts and PPC _Pay-per-click) advertising. Our team has over three decades of combined digital marketing and Ecommerce experience. We help customers gravitate to your brand quickly.

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An Elevated online spa experience

Opel helps Elevate Hub create an online space that is worthy of its brand aesthetic and services.

Opel Solutions is a full-service e-commerce web design company and digital marketing agency. Opel’s team brings over three decades of combined e-commerce and digital marketing experience. We collaborate with businesses to understand their needs and craft digital solutions that resolve business pain points and enhance customer experience.

The Challenge Elevate hub was designed to be the most beautiful destination for wellness and holistic health. They painstakingly crafted every element of their services, products, and their spa to create an experience that elevates your senses. For their business website, their online presence needed to be as beautiful and functional as their physical one. In terms of functionality, Elevate needed a site that could do multiple things: sell its products, accept spa bookings and describe and represent the spa experience online. The Strategy & Solution The team at Opel analyzed Elevate's requirements and came to the conclusion that WordPress would be a great platform for their website. There are other platforms more suited to e-commerce or booking websites, but nothing meets all of these vers

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