Lviv, Ukraine
Member Less than $10,000 eCommerce, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Migration Support

Rioks is a data-driven strategic marketing consultancy with a focus on B2B industries, leading in Healthcare, Automotive, Innovations, and Enterprise Digital Transformation.

We bring your experience to the next level with end-to-end industry-specific strategic marketing solutions based on data intelligence, customer psychology, and audience behavior for emerging and developing markets.

With substantial knowledge of specific industries, we run integrated campaigns on your behalf. Our Marketing Consultancy educates your team in marketing technologies & automation, brings more horsepower to your campaigns and improve your marketing effectiveness. Our clients benefit from top-rated social media campaigns, cutting-edge inbound marketing campaigns and custom-made web applications that drive consumer engagement to a whole new level.

Rioks provides quintessential customer insights with actionable applications in operations and economics in order to help our clients achieve sustainable organic growth. We lead marketing campaigns and plan advertising strategies with professional experience around the globe.

Capabilities include but are not limited to:

Marketing Outsourcing / Marketing Staffing / Remote Marketing Department
Marketing Audit & Marketing Strategic Planning
Audience Intelligence & Marketing Automation
E-Commerce Development & E-Commerce Marketing Solutions
Digital Advertising & Advanced Retargeting
Inbound Marketing Services
Search Engine Optimization
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Strategic Mobile Marketing
Strategic Creative Direction
Web Design & Website Development
Mobile Applications Solutions

Incorporated in Singapore, Bulgaria & Ukraine, we provi

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