Say More MultiMedia Marketing

Shaw AFB, South Carolina, United States

Founded in Sep 2018, Say More Multimedia Marketing (SM³) is a company that promotes transparency in B2C and among partner relationships -- the 'why' is as important as the 'how'. After serving 20 years 12 days in the US Air Force, Michael Wright decided to go freelance. The former Windows Server and Network Administrator started SM³ to build websites, online markets, and web applications for visionary small business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups. SM³ looks forward to expanding its network with other freelance digital creators, marketers, and developers.

Featured portfolio items.

Kingdom Insurance Licensing Academy (Mai Law Pro) The founders of Kingdom Insurance Licensing Academy build a course to educate future Insurance Agents and prepare them for state level licensing exams.

They wanted a website that was simple and modern with straightforward navigation. The site needed the ability to schedule courses and process orders.

I partnered with a freelance Web Designer and friend who did all branding and styling. I build the site using the Mai Law Pro theme, because I wanted the client to have the ability to create widgetized pages without being limited to the front page only.


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