Shift Collaborative

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Shift Collaborative is a cross-discipline creative team specializing in making sense of change. We work with our clients to develop and implement communications and design strategies and projects. We are full service for a reason. Web, press, social media and other channels influence and perform with each other. In addition to marketing and creative services, we can provide event strategy and fundraising solutions.

We put collaborative in our name because in order to achieve great things, you must work well with others. Whether we’re keeping our clients involved every step of the way, working with our team, connecting with vendors and colleagues, or really doing anything, we find collaboration at the heart of it all. The processes we’ve developed allow us to get waist-deep with our client on what they do, how they do their work, and most importantly what impact they have on the world.

We challenge our team of creative professionals to adhere to a high standard and stretch their abilities, but in a supportive atmosphere that encourages the type of risk-taking that yields big results for our clients. Shift team members are well travelled, and have lived and worked for ourselves, for big companies and small, for other agencies. We have personal passions and interests outside of work. We bring this range of diverse experience to work every day.

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