Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Sitback is a Human-Centred Design and Development Agency based in Sydney. We specialise in Psychology-based User Experience Design, Web Development and 24/7 Support & Optimisation - working closely with our clients to help them engage more effectively with their customers online.

At Sitback, we believe that everyone deserves exceptional experiences.
Whether your customers are consumers, companies, students, citizens or staff, we exist to ensure your organisation offers the best possible experience, designed around the needs of your customers, resulting in increased satisfaction and business success.
"Putting people at the centre of everything we do"​.

We employ;
✔ A team of registered Psychologists & HCI Specialists to apply a depth of research to our work and optimise the UI design, maximising the User Experience on your website;
✔ A specialist Software Development team to build bespoke solutions tailored for a positive User Experience;
✔ A dedicated Support & Optimisation team to ensure your website is available and performing brilliantly;
✔ A Digital Delivery team to ensure all support and project related activities are run effectively - on time and on budget.

We work with top brands across all sectors including Finance, Retail, NFP, Entertainment, Government, Education, and Corporate.

Some of the fantastic companies we have been fortunate enough to work with include Subaru, ANZ, Westpac, Citibank, Univerity of Sydney, Woolworths, Luna Park, and Starlight.

✪ Number 18 in the BRW Best Places to Work 2016
✪ Number 21 in the BRW Best Places to Work 2015
✪ Employer of choice 2016, City of Sydney Business Awards
✪ Excellence in business 2016, City of Sydney Business Awards
✪ Overall business of the year, City of Sydney Business Awards
✪ Employer of Choice 2016, NSW Business Chambers

Featured portfolio items.

Department of Education - Rapid Research

The NSW Department of Education and Community (DEC) had conducted a significant body of research to understand and redefine its digital landscape, with the aim of understanding user requirements to create a joined-up digital experience. Sitback was engaged by DEC to explore concepts for disseminating secure and non-secure digital content to its School audiences (e.g. executives, teachers, administrators, and other non-teaching staffs). Working alongside the DEC’s project team, we were responsible for validating and extending the previous research, as well as translating the identified requirements into actionable agenda items. The project resulted in the provision of five personas and user journey representing the core user archetypes. An interactive prototype illustrating the interaction design of the site for two screen sizes (desktop & mobile) was developed.


Anglicare - Service Design

Anglicare is a not-for-profit organisation providing community welfare services ranging from adoption, foster and aged care, to food and financial assistance. We were previously engaged by Anglicare to design an interim solution in response to their merger with Anglicare Retirement Villages, and a MVP website to gradually optimise their web presence over time. In this phase, we took a deep dive into their Community Services offering and created personas and service blueprints to better assist Anglicare in shaping their strategy. Anglicare approached us to design several online functionalities, with the intention to streamline their web presence and promote self-service. However, as Sitback and Anglicare worked together, it became apparent that there was a need to look broader than the digital experience. As such, we proposed to first conduct a Service Design phase to understand the target audiences’ journeys and pain points when accessing food and financial services, as well how the proposed functionalities might fit into their journeys. This phase of research informed the Anglicare strategy, created a shared vision among the stakeholders from various business units and enabled the identification and prioritisation of online and offline improvements to enhance the experience of interacting with Food and Financial services, while simultaneously streamlining the provision of those services.


Your Money - Agile Wordpress Development

The Your Money team needed an engaging, user-centred website, ready for the launch of their new TV channel in just eight weeks. Integration with multiple third-party vendors for video, advertising, and podcasts added to the complexity of the project. Never ones to dodge a challenge, we relished the opportunity to utilise a modified Agile methodology and work with the Your Money team to deliver an engaging, user-centred website for launch. The fully responsive website driven by WordPress, a powerful Content Management System (CMS), provides a broad selection of entertaining content from premium live stream, catch-up and short-form videos, to bespoke financial and business commentary available via articles and podcasts.


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