Soul and Heart Creative

San Diego, California, United States

I began creating graphics on my Dad’s Atari computer in the 80s, and started trying to direct movies on my Sony play handheld video recorder at the age of 8. A bit later in life - after grad school - I was fortunate enough to gain experience at large agencies like the American Red Cross, The Atlantic Media Company, the San Diego Housing Commission, and Arrowhead General Insurance. And I especially loved working with the Red Cross and the Housing Commission where I felt like the work I was doing was making a positive impact on lives in the community.

But with each one, I felt more and more disconnect from the people I was trying to help. There were too many layers between myself and the impact. I had been doing freelance graphic design work on the side for about 7 years when I realized that I could do it on my own and have a greater impact, since I could cut out much of the cost for my clients and work with them directly to help them create a web presence.

Recently, I began to focus my efforts even more on working with my ideal client, people working hard to help others. Now I strive to do the same in the design work I do - designing and building Wordpress websites for organizations that make a positive impact on their community.

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