Splendid Digital Solutions

Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Member $ Application Development, B2B, Content Strategy / Production

At Splendid Digital Solutions (brand name of Digital Splendid OPC Private Limited), we are passionate about delivering services related to content creation, web development, and internet marketing combining online technologies with offline tools while implementing financial solutions in between. Our mission is to provide affordable internet and web services to businesses while coming out with in-house content for online publishing through our websites/blogs/social media channels and undertaking online assignments or so-called gigs.

a)  Online Publishing

Generating in-house content for online publishing through our websites/blogs/social media channels while sharing some of the best from the web.

b)  Business Consultancy

Helping individuals and business houses make the best use of the web for their business needs and particularly helping clients:

(i) Come out with a website/online store/app that is informative with appropriate content and optimized for search engines and social media.
(ii) List their businesses online through classifieds ads/business directories/social media.
(iii) Install accounting software, payment gateways, and other financial solutions including insurance.

c)  Online Jobs/Outsourcing

We accept online assignments or so-called gigs including market research studies, survey campaigns, and take pride in associating with platforms like Amazon Mechanical Turk and Developer Economics.

Featured portfolio items.


This WordPress website with a Blog, News, Shop, HIre us section owned by one of our clients in Egypt.

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