Team Five

Olympia, Washington, United States
Preferred Less than $10,000 Social Media, Web Design & Development, Website Maintenance

Team Five specializes in helping you leverage your online presence to create the change you want to see in the world.

You Are Running A Values-Based Organization...
…whether it’s a non-profit or a for-profit with a mission to create positive change in the world. You might be focused on anything from conservation to climate change to human healing, but your deeper goals are to make the world a better place.

Like the little boy in the story, throwing starfish back in the ocean one-by-one, you don’t think you can save the world alone, but you are doing what you can in the communities and spaces you have access to.

Website Design and Development
Specializing in WordPress and Shopify, we cover everything from full builds to plugin updates.

Social Media Management
We understand how to maximize your social media, even when you don’t have a ton of money to throw at it.

Content and Copy Writing
We know how to communicate the thoughts in your head so that your audience will understand them.

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