WMC Intellectual Properties

Syracuse, New York, United States

WMC Provides exceptional creative, web and marketing solutions for B2B tech innovators and B2C brands by designing a real attitude for your company. We start with really developing a solid brand standard, then we'll leverage a properly orchestrated web presence to drive leads and integrate the right technologies to support your sales team. Why? Because "average" won't cut it when you need to Blow Up Your Brand!™

As a communication design agency, we help clients and HubSpot solution providers develop the following materials: Brand Development, Design & Standards Guides; Brand Voice and Messaging Style Development; Persona-Driven Visual and Narrative Content; Visual, Video & Copywriting Content Development; Package Design; Website Design; UX/UI Design for Ecommerce; LMS Integration with Video Production; Sales Team Support Materials (Capabilities Brochures, Books, Guides, Presentations, etc.) and more.

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