Zeek Interactive, Inc.

Huntington Beach, California, United States

For more than twenty years, Zeek Interactive has been building software solutions for businesses of every size. We believe the future of software is both integration and interactivity. Customers don't want to hire a mobile developer, a web developer and a different agency to build SaaS software. That results in multiple solutions that don't talk to each other, and vendors pointing fingers at each other. At Zeek, we've developed the expertise to build and connect your eCommerce store to your mobile app, with dynamic business logic stored in the cloud.

While we're one of many agencies that can create your next marketing website, most of our clients are looking to engage their customers with more than text and photos. We build membership sites, eCommerce, online courseware and multi-author media sites. Our projects include sites that handle millions of unique visitors every month. Sites at this scale require a different kind of approach to both design and development.

Most importantly, because no one can predict the future of technology, our talented staff are experts in learning, adapting and changing. Regardless of what online challenge you face, Zeek is the kind of agency that can help you navigate it to get you the results you're looking for.

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