DE{CODE}: Navigating the Risks To Reap the Rewards of Headless WordPress

In this on-demand session we discuss how early adopters of Headless WordPress are taking smart risks to reap big rewards and pull ahead of the competition.

Listen in on this insightful conversation with moderator Annan Patel, Senior Manager, Product Management at WP Engine, Matt Landers, Head of Developer Relations at WP Engine, Jason Bahl, Creator and Maintainer of WPGraphQL and Phil Crumm, VP of Client Strategy.


  • Moderator: Annan Patel, Product Management Senior Manager, WP Engine
  • Jason Bahl, Creator of WPGraphQL and Principal Engineer at WP Engine
  • Phil Crumm, Vice President, New Client Strategy, 10UP
  • Matt Landers, Developer Relations Manager, WP Engine

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