Driving Cars and Conversions [Case Study]

When certain WordPress sites weren’t showing adequate conversions despite strategic AdWords, Google concluded it had to do with site performance post-click. Google reached out to Launch Digital Marketing, a digital marketing agency who develops their sites on the WordPress platform.

Launch Digital Marketing utilized WP Engine’s Digital Experience Platform to help facilitate better-performing website for their clients. One specific client, Xtreme Xperience, a company who gives customers the memorable experience of driving the world’s most luxe cars, saw an improvement not only in site performance but in product revenue and conversion rate.

“I was told that WP Engine’s platform was a high performant solution within the WordPress ecosystem and was capable of driving meaningful performance improvements to websites utilizing its digital experience platform.” – Eli Romberg, Strategic Business Development Manager at Google

Read more about how WP Engine collaborated with Google and Launch Digital Marketing to resolve performance issues for WordPress sites.

Also, be sure to check out this related on-demand webinar to hear Google, Launch Digital Marketing and Xtreme Xperience talk about what they did, to give you ideas for how to optimize your own site.

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