The Truth About A/B Testing

As an agency, your job is to deliver value to your clients. However, whenever you take on a new client’s site you are likely to be making it worse. Yes, you are more likely to fail with a redesign.

“Wait…how’s that even possible?” you might ask yourself.

Well, if you look at A/B testing where the original design is A and the new design is B, B’s fail 80 percent of the time. Even the superstars of A/B testing fail six times out of 10.

The reality in A/B testing is, it takes many tries to reach success.

The truth about A/B testing

During a redesign of a client’s site, you’re more likely to enter a cycle of trying and failing multiple times until you reach success.

So how you break the cycle and reach success?

Knowing online business sales will go down the moment you change the design of a site, here’s a combative way to break the cycle so you can achieve profitability and deliver more value to your clients.


The Truth About A/B Testing

With an iterative professional services project you can drive more value per customer and drive value for your business. This type of project allows you to keep testing each redesign of a site to find the new design, new content structure, and new messaging that results in more sales for the client.

If you keep A/B testing, despite failure, you have a 100 percent chance of making your customer’s online business better (it just might take multiple times to get it right).

This results in more revenue for you, because you have more pages to design and build, and then the client has a 100 percent chance of increasing sales. It’s a win-win solution!

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