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Technology and services to make the Internet more accessible for everyone.

WP Engine Accessibility Disclosure: This disclosure is displayed on all accessibility solutions in the Solution Center. Automated accessibility features may be helpful in your accessibility approach, but if automated technologies like overlays & artificial intelligence are used, they should be used in combination with human testing and manual optimizations to achieve and verify your accessibility goals. The International Association of Accessibility Professionals provides a list of accessibility professionals who have successfully completed the IAAP certification process.

What is AudioEye?

AudioEye is a comprehensive accessibility solution that combines patented automated technology to assist you with accessibility audits & implementation, with the option to add human expertise through AudioEye’s team of 15+ IAAP-certified experts to help ensure equal website access for all users. WordPress users can use the Accessibility By AudioEye plugin for easy installation. From the moment you install AudioEye, you’ll have access to powerful automation technology and detailed reporting of issues that AudioEye finds. AudioEye starts you on your path to compliance with ADA, WCAG, Section 508, AODA guidelines and more. Most importantly, more users will be able to fully access and enjoy your digital content.

AudioEye’s industry-leading automation platform works as follows:

Step 1: Find issues with automated testing

  • AudioEye tests for over 400+ accessibility outcomes every time a customer visits your site.

Step 2: Fix issues with automated remediations and visual toolkit

  • AudioEye automatically fixes over 60% of discovered accessibility issues while the page loads, helping you meet many of the WCAG requirements for every visitor.
  • AudioEye provides a visual toolkit that allows users to customize their own accessibility experience. This is also where your customers will get access to a 24/7 Help Desk on your site to send feedback directly to our certified experts with issues they face.
  • With the addition of our Advanced Remediation Services, AudioEye will fix anything automation could not and report issues that need additional attention.

Step 3: Monitor with active monitoring

  • Active monitoring refreshes with each site visitor, maintaining a real-time representation of your site’s accessibility.
  • Reporting features help you keep track of recent scans and fixes displayed by error type in your personalized dashboard.

Step 4: Learn and improve

  • A vast and growing database of test outcomes, automated fixes, and page scans lead to improvements in our automation.
  • Constant test and improve processes to measure the outcomes of existing automated fixes and identify the most effective fixes.

What are the features and benefits of AudioEye?

Benefits of the AudioEye WordPress plugin:

  • Compliance plan with ADA, Sec 508, AODA & more, using WCAG 2.1 AA
  • Suite of over 400 Automated Tests & Automated Fixes for Common Accessibility Issues
  • AudioEye Trusted Certification
  • Visual Toolkit with 24/7 Helpdesk
  • Dashboard with Analytics & Reporting
  • Live Monitoring
  • Accessibility Statement
  • Access to Certified Accessibility Experts
  • Basic Legal Support

The AudioEye WordPress plugin allows you to start for free with a 14-day trial. The base plan starts at $49/month. You can learn more about AudioEye’s paid tiers.

Add-on services:

  • Premium Support
  • Advanced Legal Support
  • Live Training
  • Advanced Remediation Service
  • PDF Remediation
  • Mobile App Services
  • Multimedia Services

The WP Engine Advantage.

The Accessibility By AudioEye plugin for WordPress enables super easy installation for all WP Engine users directly from the WP Admin Dashboard. Once installed, you can sign up for a new AudioEye account, or connect your site to an existing account.

How do you get started with AudioEye?

You can get started with AudioEye for free by downloading and installing the plugin. Click here for more information about the Accessibility By AudioEye plugin for WordPress and a link to the WordPress plugin directory.

About AudioEye.

Founded in 2005, AudioEye has been involved in Digital Accessibility for over 15 years. What started as an R&D company seeking to introduce innovations has grown into the most trusted company and the most robust technology platform in the industry. AudioEye’s industry-defining digital accessibility platform ensures a path to compliance that is efficient and affordable for organizations of all sizes. Our platform leverages a decade of investment in advanced technology supported and informed by our team of dedicated IAAP-certified professionals to help deliver improved access to the web.