AddThis Share Buttons

Make your content shareable to 200+ social channels and boost site traffic.

AddThis Share Buttons for WordPress make it easy for your visitors to share your content anywhere on the web. In just a few clicks, connect your WordPress site to more than 200 global social networks, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. AddThis Share Buttons are intuitive to use, quick loading, and customizable to match your branding.

Have AMP pages? AddThis Share Buttons are compatible with the WordPress AMP Plugin!

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Popular Share Button Styles

Choose from several different display styles for your WordPress pages:

  • Floating Share Buttons: These “float” on the side or bottom of your page and follow the reader as they scroll. Provide a constant, gentle reminder to share.
  • Expanding Share Buttons: These display in the bottom corner of your page and expand to reveal sharing options on hover or click. They’re the least intrusive sharing option.
  • Inline Share Buttons: You have complete control on where they display in line with your content. Perfect for recipes, product listings, and more.
  • Image Sharing Buttons: Empower readers to share your visuals and graphics. These buttons appear over images upon hover to make sharing a breeze.

Customizable for You

Personalize your share buttons for your WordPress site:

  • Optimized to view across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Choose from more than 200 social media platforms to display
  • Use the Smart Sorting feature to show users’ favorite social media platforms first
  • Adjust button coloring and styling to match your brand

Measure Results with Analytics

Register for a free AddThis account to gain access to analytics that measure your content’s performance. Find out:

  • What content is being shared and driving traffic back to your WordPress site
  • How visitors are sharing and to which social networks
  • Sharing breakdown by mobile and desktop
  • How many pageviews your WordPress site is getting
  • Detailed analysis of your audience makeup

…and much more

Try AddThis Share Buttons on your WordPress site and see why millions of brands love and rely on our free marketing tools.