Content Snare

Get content from your clients on time, in the right format, without email

What is Content Snare?

Content Snare helps digital agencies and web designers get content from their clients.

One of the biggest bottlenecks faced my digital agencies is when you are waiting on a client to send you content, files or assets.

Most agencies turn to Google docs, shared drives and email. This process almost always devolves into chaos, with missing files, images of the wrong size and badly formatted content.

The result is often frustration, delays and missed deadlines.

Content Snare helps you get content back on time, in the right format, without email.

It’s a central place for everything that automatically saves a your client produces content, allowing them to come back whenever they like. It makes the process easy for them, which means better content for you.

It will also send them automated reminders so you don’t have to.

What are the features and benefits of Content Snare?

  • Set and forget – Send a content request to your client and let Content Snare do the chasing. When the info comes back, you can approve it to prevent your client changing things, or request revisions if they haven’t quite done it right.
  • Get back exactly what you need – Plan out the website structure within each page, and only get back the content you need for each section. Set limits like image sizes, text length and more. That way your client knows what to provide and you don’t end up having to re-format everything.
  • See progress at a glance – On your requests dashboard, you’ll see the progress of all outstanding requests and if any require your attention.
  • Do the work only once – Chances are you’ll need similar info from lots of your clients in the future. It’s easy to save and re-use sections, pages or entire requests for clients.
  • Solution details – Content Snare is a SaaS product with monthly and annual subscriptions. There is a free trial so you can try it out and see how it works with your clients.

The WP Engine Advantage.

Content Snare partners with WP Engine because of their quality hosting, but more importantly, their fast, friendly support. They are one of the few hosts that are dedicated to creating resources for agencies to better manage their client’s hosting and save time in the process.

Likewise, Content Snare values great support as well as saving agencies time to work on growing their business.

Reach out to the Content Snare after setting up your free trial and say you heard about Content Snare from WP Engine! They are extending the usual 14 day trial to 30 days.

How do you get started with Content Snare?

Try Content Snare to see how hundreds of designers and digital agencies are eliminating their biggest bottleneck and spending more time on growing their business instead of chasing content. Get 20% off the first 12 months with code WPENGINE.

After creating your trial account, reach out using the in-app chat and say you heard about Content Snare from WP Engine for an extended trial.

About Content Snare.

Content Snare started through conversations with local agencies.

We asked them about the biggest bottlenecks in their process. Every single agency spoke about content collection.

It drew some passionate responses.

“It’s the biggest pain we have”
“It made me want to leave the industry”
“Every single project was backed up because of content”

This problem needed a solution.

Our mission is simple.

To help digital and creative agencies save time, increase profitability and provide an awesome experience to their clients.

This mission extends beyond Content Snare. We try to help agencies and freelancers in as many ways as we can – including free content, a podcast and weekly newsletter.