Elastic Site Search

The easiest way to add advanced search to your WordPress website.

The Elastic Site Search plugin (formerly Swiftype Site Search) replaces the standard WordPress search with a fast, scalable, relevant search engine. Our Search-as-a-Service plugin is WordPress VIP-approved and already used by some of the largest WordPress sites on the internet. The plugin comes with an intuitive dashboard, feature-rich developer API, and powerful analytics. And the native site crawler ensures that new posts are indexed automatically without any manual steps. Our search engine uses the standard WordPress search results template, giving you total control over the design.

All the features you want, right out of the box

Best-in-Class search technology
Powered by Elasticsearch, the leading open source technology for search.

Simple, code-free setup
Just enter your website’s address, and the Elastic Site Search site crawler does the rest.

Intuitive search tools right out of the box
Autocomplete, spell check, result pinning, dynamic facets and filtering, and more.

Outstanding relevance
Best-in-class precision and recall right from the start.

Customizable relevance
Intuitive tools that let you fine-tune results globally or per query, using boosts, synonyms, and more.

Insightful analytics
Real-time search analytics to help you improve your search and keep your users happy.

Powerful indexing and search APIs for easily building customized integrations.

See it in action

Try Elastic Site Search today and find out why thousands of businesses trust Elastic to deliver millions of highly relevant results every day.