EWWW Image Optimizer

Speed up your website to better connect with your visitors. Faster images and faster sites with EWWW IO.

What is EWWW Image Optimizer?

EWWW Image Optimizer is built to improve your page speed with comprehensive and flexible image optimization features. Images are the number one reason for a slow website. Optimizing your images for better page speed can result in better SEO, but more importantly, it makes for happy visitors. With increased sales and signups, EWWW IO frees you to do more of the things you love!

Additionally, EWWW IO can save you storage space and conserve bandwidth, reducing the overall load on your website. EWWW IO compresses new images automatically, but also allows you to compress all your existing images too. Besides compression, EWWW IO can scale your images and use lazy loading to defer off-screen content. It even allows you to take advantage of next-gen formats like WebP for tremendous speed gains.

Whether you want a “set it and forget it” solution, or something you can customize to your exact needs, EWWW IO has you covered!

What are the features and benefits of EWWW Image Optimizer?

The free EWWW Image Optimizer allows you to get Pixel Perfect compression for your JPG images, along with Lazy Loading, the ability to scale your images and automatic format conversion.

  • Compress unlimited images with no size limits.
  • Pixel Perfect optimization helps you squeeze every last byte from your images without sacrificing quality for performance.
  • Comprehensive scanner that goes beyond the Media Library to optimize any image from any plugin, no matter where it is located on your site. Use the Bulk Optimizer for on-demand compression, or Scheduled Optimization to track down un-optimized images automatically.
  • You can configure the maximum dimensions for your images and say goodbye to over-sized uploads that slow down your site and use up your disk space.
  • Advanced users can control which sizes are generated by WordPress and their theme, along with disabling optimization on a per-size level.
  • EWWW IO helps you make sure every image is in the best format with automatic GIF to PNG, PNG to JPG, and even JPG to PNG for those odd edge-cases.
  • Free support is offered for every user, all the time. While paying customers get top priority, everyone using EWWW IO is provided access to email support.

For folks that want to take image optimization to the next level, the Compression API features industry-leading algorithms for the best quality/compression ratio and includes WebP conversion for an extra speed boost.

Take things even further with Easy IO:

  • Premium Compression with automatic WebP conversion.
  • Automatic Scaling for any visitor on any device.
  • Global Delivery for all your images, CSS, JS, fonts, and more.

Easy IO is activated with a one-click installation and no hassle! All Premium customers get Priority Support, moving them to the front of the queue whenever they need assistance.

The WP Engine Advantage.

A fast site starts with fast (and reliable) hosting. All of the image optimization techniques fall flat if your web host overloads their servers and offers sub-par performance. With EWWW IO and WP Engine’s fully managed WordPress hosting, you get the best of both worlds! Not just “par” performance, but the outstanding speed and support EWWW IO trusts. Add EWWW IO on top of that, and any site can be lightning fast!

How do you get started with EWWW Image Optimizer?

Don’t let slow images stand in the way of your success. Start optimizing your site with EWWW IO today! Plus, EWWW IO has a whole host of performance tips to share with you. Learn everything you need to know about speeding up your website and get access to exclusive discounts.

About EWWW Image Optimizer.

In short, EWWW IO is about making image optimization available to everyone, and helping them achieve success in making their websites as fast as possible. Whether your website is just a job, a hobby, or your passion, EWWW IO is here to help make your masterpiece shine. Over 800,000 sites use EWWW IO to speed up their images!