Genesis Framework

Your secure, powerful, SEO-friendly WordPress theme foundation.

The Genesis Framework is the world’s most popular WordPress theme framework.

It empowers you to quickly, and easily, create high-performing, secure, and beautiful websites with WordPress.

With the many available Genesis child themes, or a custom theme, you can gain a professional and attractive website that will perform well across all devices and web browsers. Genesis also makes it easier to change your headers, logos, and colors to match your brand. If you need more fine-grained control, the Design Palette Pro product is also available, which enables you to tweak every detail of your website’s look and feel.

Using Genesis as the foundation of your WordPress design allows you to shorten development cycles, remove the usual technical headaches, and more easily extend your functionality, with built-in hooks and code from the Genesis Developer Community.

The community also provide and support many feature-rich plugins and widgets that will let you add functionality without you or your website development partners having to do any coding.

Genesis provides a secure, stable, and search-engine-friendly foundation that enables you to take WordPress further.

As well as an attractive and professional appearance for your website, as WordPress and websites evolve, you also need to know that the technical aspects will always be taken care of. Genesis is a design framework that takes care of the backend technicalities for you.

Genesis affords you the page load speed, rock-solid security, and proven success that over 600,000 sites experience every day.

Get a technical foundation and total customizability.

  • Quick and easy customization – Add functionality fast with plugins and widgets, plus a lightweight codebase to reduce dev cycles.
  • SEO from the ground-up – Built-in SEO audited by experts keeps you from needing more technical know-how than your team already has, built into the foundations of your site, not an afterthought.
  • Always secure – An open-source network of developers constantly audit and upgrade the security for the framework, so you can rest easy.