Give – A Donation Plugin for WordPress

Give offers donation forms for crowdfunding and enterprise-level nonprofits.

What is GiveWP?

The GiveWP WordPress donation plugin provides a complete suite of fundraising tools for everyone. Use GiveWP to raise money whether it’s for yourself, your business, or a nonprofit organization. Create unlimited forms and display them on any page in multiple styles, including a form grid.

GiveWP also allows you to keep track of and control all of your data directly from your WordPress dashboard. Your site never stores credit card information while also retaining the pertinent information you need to keep track of your fundraising progress when you use the GiveWP plugin. Plus, you own your data. No one else ever sees it. So no one can solicit your donors but you.

This extensible plugin is perfect for beginner users and experienced developers. Try it for free to get started.

What are the features and benefits of GiveWP?

You can start with the free GiveWP plugin that allows you to use PayPal standard or Stripe to process payments. Its main benefits include unlimited customizable forms, robust reports, donor records, and donor comments.

Setup Takes Minutes
From download to first donation, GiveWP takes only a few minutes to get up and running. If you need to start raising money right now, you can give your form life in the next ten minutes.

Customize Unlimited Forms
Give your campaigns character with forms that match your style and your voice. Tell your story and raise money in the way that you choose. Fund your cause your way.

  • Choose multi-level donations or select pre-set donation amounts.
  • Add a sidebar to enhance your content.
  • Place a donor comment wall below the form for social proof.
  • Arrange your forms in a unique form grid to display giving options visually.

Full-Featured Reporting
Gain insight on your donation activity and report back to any stakeholders you might have interested in the success of your campaign. Analyze your progress on multiple levels.

Manage Your Donors
Maintain records of donations by donor and allow your donors to view their donation activity through their own donor profiles.

Powerful Suite of Add-ons
Enhance GiveWP with Recurring Donations, Fee Recovery, Tributes, Donation Upsells for WooCommerce, and over 30 more add-ons. You can purchase each individually or all at once with an affordable Plus Plan that gives you access to all GiveWP add-ons.

GiveWP Pricing Plans give users access to a growing library of additional features. These add-ons allow you to extend the capabilities of your fundraising website and ultimately raise more money. Three tiers of pricing plans are available in addition to bulk pricing for agencies.

The GiveWP add-on library grows continually. GiveWP user-favorites include:

  • Multiple Payment Gateways: Keep your payment merchant or collect money in multiple countries.
  • Recurring Donations: Secure ongoing revenue with subscription donations.
  • Fee Recovery: Ask your donors to cover the payment processing fees from your gateway.
  • Annual Receipts: Allow donors to access a PDF download of annual contribution history.
  • Tributes: Give the option to dedicate donations.
  • Form Field Manager: Add more fields to your forms to host unique fundraisers.
  • Currency Switcher: Make it easier to give from anywhere in the world.
  • Zapier: Connect your forms to the world of the internet through Zapier.
  • Marketing add-ons: Connect to your marketing platform like Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

The WP Engine Advantage.

WP Engine provides an excellent hosting environment for donations. Fundraising websites need better security and infrastructure than websites that don’t process payments. The SSL and updated PHP versions that WP Engine offers create a perfect backbone for any online donation platform. Their technology combined with top-notch customer support makes WP Engine a great choice for any growing nonprofit organization, especially those using GiveWP.

How do you get started with GiveWP?

Visit the GiveWP website to get started with better online fundraising. Find more information on the donation plugin and its features or schedule a demo with their customer success team. Team Give is always happy to help fundraisers of all kinds find the right GiveWP setup for their needs.

About GiveWP.

Since 2015, GiveWP has helped customers raise money online through WordPress. Before then, the only viable solution was expensive custom web development using eCommerce or form plugins. It was never a truly seamless experience for the website developer, donor, or fundraiser. GiveWP was built to change that. The mission of GiveWP is to democratize generosity by increasing fundraising, empowering all kinds of causes worldwide, and improving donor user experiences for everyone. The team at GiveWP is dedicated to providing first-class support and using best development practices. GiveWP is here to help you raise money directly on your WordPress website now and forever.