Imagify Image Optimizer

Easily compress images in WordPress

Imagify is the most advanced image compression tool that allows you to speed up your website with lighter images, all without losing image quality. After enabling it in your WordPress site, all images including thumbnails and retina images will be automatically optimized when they are added to your site.


  • Optimize the most common image formats: GIFS, JPGS, PNGS. The max upload size for any one image on free accounts is 2 MB. There is no limit on paid accounts.
  • Resize your images on the fly: Use our online app or your CMS to adjust your images to their ideal size. You can specify a height, a width to respect, or more simply, a percentage.
  • Ease of use: don’t get lost in dozens of settings – Imagify is simple to use.

And more! Imagify uses our servers to optimize your images, not yours, and will help you save in bandwidth and storage.