Know the Code

Developing professional WordPress developers. Grow and hone your expertise.

Know the Code develops professional (and aspiring) WordPress developers.

Developers, like you, come here to grow and hone their expertise and master building high quality custom solutions that are performant, scalable, reusable, and maintainable. You come here to continuously grow your skills, making yourself more marketable and valuable.

It’s active, adaptive learning.

You will be actively building custom themes and plugins and solving problems as you work through the screencasts. Your teacher, Tonya Mork, deeply explains the “why” of each concept, step, and process. It’s not about mimicking what she does. Oh no, it’s about growing you…the way you think and approach problems.

Using an incremental and systematical process, you grow step-by-step, bit-by-bit. You have full control to go as fast or slow as you want at your schedule.

What You Gain Here

  • Build any theme or plugin from scratch…by yourself
  • Gain deep mastery of WordPress Core and its technology stack: PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, SQL, and more
  • Gain deep mastery of programming fundamentals
  • Develop and fine-tune your problem solving approach
  • Develop and grow your programmatic thought
  • Master building highly readable, reusable, and maintainable code, using the SOLID principles
  • Build well-architected projects, as you learn deeply about software architecture
  • Develop and hone your testing skills to produce high quality, well-tested products
  • Gain rapid web development processes, which empower you to build your projects in days and not weeks or months
  • Hone all the above to make you better, faster, more efficient, and more effective
  • Significantly increase your marketability and earning potential

Our Mission

Our mission is to help each WordPress web developer grow, innovate, reduce inefficiencies, and prosper in this profession.

Wrap it Up

How can we help you? Build. Grow. Excel.