Analytics, insights, and management for WooCommerce

What is Metorik?

Running a successful eCommerce store is no easy task. From sourcing a product to marketing, and from fulfillment to customer support — there’s a lot to manage.

And while WooCommerce does a lot of that heavy lifting, it’s no secret that it’s lacking in many areas.

That’s exactly why Metorik was created.

Metorik is your WooCommerce co-pilot — there at every step of your eCommerce journey, helping you to understand customers, giving you valuable insights into your data, and ultimately helping you grow and make more sales.

Metorik does this by seamlessly connecting to your WooCommerce store and providing you with incredibly fast reports, infinite data segmentation, abandoned cart tracking, and email automation.

What are the features and benefits of Metorik?

  • Powerful, beautiful and real-time reports
    Metorik has countless WooCommerce reports, each built from the ground up to provide you with valuable insights into all aspects of your store. Use the revenue report to get a snapshot of your cash flow, the orders report to drill into the finer details of your orders, and the customer reports to get a better understanding of who is visiting your store and how you can ensure they purchase again. In addition to these reports, Metorik has many more, giving you insights into your subscriptions, refunds, sources, products and even future growth.
  • Lightning-fast data segmentation
    Metorik also has an intuitive segmenting system allowing you to stack an infinite amount of filters on any WooCommerce resource. Infinitely filter your orders, customers, products, categories, subscriptions, coupons and carts. Want to see all customers with an LTV over $500 but who haven’t ordered in over 12 months? No problem. Orders for a certain product last month using a specific UTM tag? Easy. Metorik’s segmenting system allows you to answer any question you have about your data.
  • Abandoned cart tracking and email automation
    Send custom abandoned cart emails to customers at different times after they abandoned their cart – all automatically. And even send targeted & customized automated emails to customers as soon as they meet certain rules, like when their subscription is about to be renewed. Keep your customers engaged and create new and reliable revenue streams.
  • Customised email (and Slack) reports and integrations
    To top it all off, using Metorik’s digests feature you can also create your very own customized reports with any metrics that are sent to your email or Slack channel. Metorik also integrates with many other apps like Google Analytics, Slack, Help Scout, and even the official WooCommerce Subscriptions, Cost of Goods Sold, and Shipment Tracking extensions.

The WP Engine Advantage.

When it comes to running an eCommerce store, there are two sides to the equation. The first, and certainly most important part, is the store itself. It needs to be fast, reliable, and easy for customers to use. Without customers and sales, there is no eCommerce store. Metorik is confident that WP Engine take care of that part of the equation.

And when it comes to managing and growing your store, Metorik comes into play, but they are only as strong as the other side of the equation. By utilizing WP Engine’s speed and performance, Metorik can sync data with your store in real-time, even if you have millions of orders.

How do you get started with Metorik?

You can started with Metorik right now, for free, without a credit card — and use it without limits for 30 days. Just head to the Metorik website, register for an account, add your store, and the Metorik team will take care of everything else.

About Metorik.

Metorik is a bootstrapped company born and based out of Melbourne, Australia. We are a small, but dedicated team who are passionate about eCommerce and technology.

Metorik is tasked with solving some pretty big problems for some pretty big WooCommerce stores. That’s not something we take for granted.

Features that are requested by customers often get built. Bugs that customers find are fixed immediately. And perhaps most importantly, we measure the success of the work we do through the success of our customers. They are our sole focus and are factored into every decision we make as a business.