NS Cloner

A game-changing tool to quickly copy WordPress sites - any site - and save hours of valuable time!

What is NS Cloner?

NS Cloner is a game-changing tool for copying and moving WordPress sites. It enables admins, business owners, designers, developers – anyone – to create full site copies in seconds with a few clicks. It takes care of all URL replacements, tables prefixes, and other database “gotchas” for you, saving what can otherwise be hours of work, so you can move on to more important things. Unlike many tools for copying WordPress, it excels on multisite networks and can even move sites back and forth between multisite and standard single site installations.

The team before NS Cloner, Never Settle, originally built the NS Cloner for internal purposes to save huge amounts of time they were spending copying sites for common site maintenance and development tasks. Since then, Never Settle has poured months of development into numerous upgrades and new features to make it the best tool possible, and today, it regularly saves hours and hours for thousands of people around the world.

What are the features and benefits of NS Cloner?

NS Cloner is meant to be your one-stop solution for copying WordPress sites:

  • Works on WordPress multisite (supports both subdomain or subdirectory mode).
  • Duplicates an entire site in seconds.
  • Copies all settings, including widgets, menus, and theme and plugin options.
  • Copies all content, including pages, posts, custom post types, taxonomies and media files.
  • Smart processing to avoid timeouts or memory shortages on large sites.
  • Designed for extendability with a variety of actions and filters.
  • Has 5-star reviews on both the free version on WordPress.org and the Pro version on NeverSettle.it.

Never Settle has worked hard to make the NS Cloner easy for anyone to use without a lot of technical or WordPress knowledge – no upload/download steps or tricky configuration needed. One reviewer wrote, “One of those “I can’t believe it’s free” plugins – really well done all around. I added it to a multisite installation and an only moderately WordPress-sophisticated site operator was able to learn how to use it quickly, and now runs it without a hitch on a regular basis.”

NS Cloner also has a pro version that creates a lot of great added value for pro users, but that doesn’t handicap the free version or make it hard to use to coerce people to upgrade. One recent user wrote, “I love this plugin– it works, powerful yet simple, and without being crippled or forcing users to pay for the Pro version.”

NS Cloner Pro adds on to the core plugin with a number of highly useful features:

  • Clone WordPress single sites, not just multisite – including from one to the other and vice versa.
  • Clone remotely between different sites or servers.
  • Clone over existing sites on a multisite network.
  • Perform unlimited custom search and replace on site content, either while cloning or separately.
  • Control exactly which database tables are cloned.
  • Copy all WordPress users and their permissions, or instantly create new users for cloned sites.
  • Offer frontend cloning for new users to create a fully set up site, cloned from one of a list of pre-configured template sites.
  • Save resets for instant configuration of commonly used tasks.
  • Run cloning operations with WP CLI, so you can copy sites via SSH.

The pro plugin comes with a full 30 day money-back guarantee, and includes a free bonus license on the 1-site license tier, so you can use it for cloning remotely from one site to another even with the most inexpensive option.

The WP Engine Advantage.

Paired with WP Engine’s robust traffic and performance scaling along with it’s excellent support for both Single and Multisite WordPress, NS Cloner is the perfect tool to painlessly manage and automate the site building and migration implications of your growth. Whether that looks like rapid subsite creation in a Multisite membership platform, or copying new projects into WPE from another host, or even spinning up quick sites for development or testing or demos, the NS Cloner has nearly every combination of scenarios covered. For WP Engine users who need to create and manage multiple sites, the NS Cloner can save a lot of time by eliminating all the redundant, manual steps involved in setting up a new site from scratch.

There are probably plugins and basic settings common to almost every site you set up on WP Engine. NS Cloner can copy that starting point to every new site you build in the future with just a few clicks. And that’s only the beginning of what it can do. It also makes it possible to have multiple site templates even with different themes for your users who are self-registering for a site to select the one they want. NS Cloner can automatically take site registration to a fully built, fully configured site! With WP Engine’s world class WordPress hosting, security and Multisite scaling capabilities, the NS Cloner is the perfect companion to dramatically reduce the time you invest in each subsite while increasing your ROI and margins. And it also has powerful features and support for all single site scenarios too!

How do you get started with NS Cloner?

To get the free core version of NS Cloner, look up NS Cloner Site Copier in the WordPress plugin repository. You can install that, network activate it, and be cloning sites on your WP Multisite network within minutes.

For the pro version with single-site support, custom search and replace, and a whole bunch of other amazing features noted above, check out NS Cloner Pro. As mentioned above, all of Never Settle’s plugins come with a 30 day no-questions money-back guarantee, so you can give it a shot risk-free!

About Never Settle.

Never Settle is a digital agency where relationships with our customers come first – after all, they are everything in our business. We’re based out of Denver, Colorado and serve both enterprise and small business clients around the world.

Our flagship product is eCommerce development. Whether helping a business sell products for the first time online or helping a company manage online sales + in-store purchases + Amazon from one unified inventory and reporting system, we’ve completed a very diverse set of work inside the eCommerce ecosystem. While we technically do a lot of eCommerce, marketing, and web development – really what we’re experts in is helping our customers build bigger stories.

We’re huge fans of ‘lean methodology’ and that’s one of the things that sets us apart. We’re the first to help clients reduce their overall budget while coming up with creative ways to leverage what’s needed at that moment to create the maximum impact.

In seven years, our team has now built over 1,000 business sites and apps, our services are trusted by 600+ businesses, and our products have more than 1M users!