Opinion Stage

Create Polls, Surveys, Quizzes, Forms & Lists to boost engagement & revenue

What is Opinion Stage?

Opinion Stage is an interactive content platform for creating interactive items such as polls, surveys, quizzes, forms, slideshows and interactive stories.

You can create interactive items from scratch or based on hundreds of templates from many different categories and verticals.

Deploy the items (e.g. quiz) on your site one-by-one by adding them to individual WordPress posts/pages or once using placements (sidebar, popup, section).

Publishers, brands, digital agencies, educators and e-commerce merchants use Opinion Stage to boost engagement, gather leads, generate sales/revenue, extract actionable insights and more.

What are the features and benefits of Opinion Stage?

Opinion Stage offers a free plan that includes the following basic features:

  • Opinion Stage makes it easy & fast to create interactive items such as polls, quizzes, surveys and forms.
  • Opinion Stage is used to boost engagement, gather qualified leads, extract actionable insights, and more.
  • Boost engagement using beautiful polls, quizzes, surveys and slideshows that are visual, interactive and fully responsive.
  • Gather qualified leads by integrate a lead form inside polls, quizzes or surveys. This will result with more leads compared to statics forms. It will also help you qualify your leads as the contact information will be associated with the answers provided by your users.
  • Get quick feedback using polls or get deeper insights using surveys and quizzes. Get more responses than any non-interactive alternative.
  • Get detailed reports on both the performance (e.g. # of views, % starts, % completions, etc) and the results (responses report, drop-off report, outcome report, etc). You can also export the reports for advanced analysis.
  • Opinion Stage lets you customize all aspects of the items including colors, sizes and fonts. White label the items and use css override to verify the items exactly match your site and brand.
  • Integrate with hundreds of email and marketing automation services to automatically send leads and collected data to the systems you already use.

Paid plans add many advanced features, reports, customizations and integrations options such as:

  • Advanced features include dozens of poll, quiz, survey and form features that let you offer your customers the best experience, while you focus on your objectives (e.g. leads, insights, etc).
  • Advanced reports let you track everything that happens in the tools as users interact with them. The reports include both performance and results reports.
  • Advanced customizations let you change every aspect of your items including color, font and sizes. You can also white label the items and add you own logo.
  • Advanced integrations let you integrate with hundreds of email and marketing automation systems, ad providers, and more.

For full details, refer to the Opinion Stage pricing page.

The WP Engine Advantage.

Opinion Stage is focused on making it easy for you to create content for your site that performs great and delights your audience. One of the center pillars of content performance is high speed load and availability. This is where WP Engine shines. Using Opinion Stage with WP Engine, you can rest assured that your content loads super-fast and is always available. It also guarantees that your content is backed-up and can be restored in case of need. That is why WP Engine is Opinion Stage’s top recommended WordPress hosting platform.

How do you get started with Opinion Stage?

Opinion Stage is available for all WP Engine customers. If you are a new customer, you can either register to create a free account or start a 7 days trial with one of their premium plans

About Opinion Stage.

Opinion Stage is an interactive content creation service used by top brands, publishers, bloggers, digital agencies, educators and e-commerce merchants. Over 100,000 customers from 190+ countries have created polls, quizzes, surveys, slideshows, forms, lists and interactive articles using our easy and fast interactive item creation tools.

Opinion Stage is used by our customers to drive engagement, increase traffic, gather qualified leads, generate revenue, extract actionable insights, run assessments, and more.