Recapture Abandoned Cart and Email Marketing for WooCommerce, Restrict Content Pro and Easy Digital Downloads.

What is Recapture?

Recapture is proven abandoned cart recovery & email marketing for sites using WooCommerce, Restrict Content Pro, or Easy Digital Downloads. Reach out to your lost customers and bring them back with timely cart reminders, unique discount codes, requests for reviews after purchase or just a nudge that you have something new and want them to check it out. Recapture aims to be the most valuable plugin you install on your site. Recapture has recovered over $140,000,000 for sites just like yours since 2015.

Recapture is ideal for any store making over $2,000/month in gross sales, but their free tier helps starter stores grow sales too!

Check out this short video explaining how it works.

What are the features and benefits of Recapture?

The benefits of using Recapture are numerous.

  • Painless, simple email setup: drag and drop, responsive emails with just a few clicks. So simple your computer-phobic uncle could manage it!.
  • Send as many emails as you want to recover carts, exactly when you want, as quickly as 30 min after they leave.
  • Best practices for abandoned carts already built in (personalization, timing, content, pre-built sequences).
  • Start sending quickly with pre-written emails you can edit to start sending fast.
  • Send targeted, relevant emails with segmenting: Segment your campaigns into high value/low value customers and offer targeted discounts to get the most recovered carts possible.
  • Won’t annoy your customers with irrelevant emails: Emails are automatically stopped when a purchase is made.
  • Gain critical insights on your customers through Recapture’s Live Cart Feed, showing exactly what emails are converting abandoned carts and which ones are being ignored.
  • Totally customizable emails: WYSIWYG editor or full custom HTML, your choice.
  • Maintains customer trust: Recapture can send email from your own domain, or you can use Recapture’s high-delivery default domain for ease of use.
  • Know what’s working with easy to read reports: Recapture’s analytics track recovery amounts, percentage, total lost, email sends/opens and more.
  • Built in support for email collection (boosts your recovery rates tremendously!).
  • Responsive, helpful support: Recapture’s success is measured only by your success! Their team is there for you via email or live chat.
  • Fully GDPR Compliant.

Recapture will recover up to $500 for FREE, after that, they’re a paid service. Check out Recapture’s pricing page for additional details. Recapture’s aim is to make your site money and be wildly valuable for you.

The WP Engine Advantage.

WP Engine and Recapture are ideal partners for your site. You choose WPEngine because of its performance, reliability, ease of use and peace of mind with things like automatic upgrades for WP releases, relieving you of the burden of constant security worries. Like WP Engine, Recapture is optimized for performance of your WooCommerce, Restrict Content Pro or Easy Digital Downloads site–Recapture won’t drag you down with slow-loading scripts. Recapture’s service is highly reliable, hosted on AWS and sending from a secure infrastructure. Email sending is done from Recapture’s service (not your servers), producing high delivery and open rates, and reducing load on your site keeping it as fast as the day you brought it to WP Engine.

How do you get started with Recapture?

Get started with Recapture today!

  • WooCommerce:
  • Restrict Content Pro:
  • Easy Digital Downloads:

Install the plugin that best fits your site’s needs, and an account will be created in Recapture automatically on install.

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About Recapture.

Founded in 2015, Recapture helps eCommerce stores make more money without adding more to your workload. Originally built for Magento, Recapture quickly migrated to all major eCommerce platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and others. Recapture has recovered over $140,000,000 for stores of all sizes and sales volumes.

Recapture is managed by Dave Rodenbaugh, a WordPress veteran with more than a decade of experience creating and managing WordPress commerce-related sites and businesses. His passion is making customers wildly successful through software and amazing customer service.