Related Posts by Bibblio

The AI powered plugin that keeps your visitors engaged and on-site longer

What is Related Posts by Bibblio?

Related Posts by Bibblio uses industry-quality AI to suggest genuinely relevant content from across your site on each of your posts, which keeps your visitors engaged and exploring more.

It’s easy to install and run, automatically connecting all of your posts in the background whilst you’re free to drop fast-loading, stylish related post modules into your templates. All the heavy processing is done on Bibblio’s side, without cookies, making the plugin super-light and unintrusive.

“I was impressed with how well the plugin provided recommendations that were relevant to the article.”
– David Coleman, WP Mayor

This plugin is ideal for any size of WordPresser looking to increase page views, and improve bounce rates and time on site. Driving site engagement is also the most powerful way to improve SEO (according to SEMrush’s Ranking Factors Study 2.0).

It’s currently running on hundreds of personal blogs, across great niche publishers such as SUITCASE and Art of Manliness, and all the way up to large content owners, such as Planet Sport. Bibblio also generates recommendations for National Geographic, Mashable, PC Mag, AFAR and many more, using other implementations such as JavaScript snippets or our API.

“This is by far the best “related content” plugin I’ve found. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing but it doesn’t seem to slow down my site and my click-through rate has greatly improved!”
– Fadra Nally, All Things Fadra

What are the features and benefits of Bibblio?

  • Fast – Related posts load asynchronously on your site, with the heavy lifting done on Bibblio’s side so it won’t slow down your site.
  • Automatic – Bibblio imports your posts in the background and indexes them to understand how they all relate.
  • Dynamic – Choose to display related posts that are influenced by your user behavior, for greater engagement.
  • Recency – Let your modules only recommend recently published posts (or anything in between) – ideal if you’re an up-to-date news site.
  • Custom post types – Include any custom post types into your related posts.
  • Placement – Automatically drop modules at the end of your posts, or in widgets, shortcodes or your page template code.
  • Pre-designed – Choose from thousands of combinations of professionally designed module styles using an easy-to-use module builder.
  • Images – The featured image for each post is automatically included in each module tile.
  • Quantity – Display up to six related posts per module, and show as many modules as you need.
  • Privacy – It doesn’t drop cookies on your users or collect any personally identifiable data, so there are no privacy or GDPR concerns to worry about.
  • Responsive – Your modules are designed to degrade gracefully across tablet and mobile, for the best experience possible.
  • Control – You choose how future and past posts are handled by the plugin, excluding the ones you’d prefer not to be found.
  • Languages – The plugin can produce related posts for any site that uses the Latin alphabet.
  • Tracking – Add parameters to the links in your modules to track what’s being clicked on in your third party tools, such as Google Analytics.
  • Metrics – Monitor the number of related posts you have stored, how many times the modules have been shown and their click through rates.
  • Support – Bibblio’s easy-to-use Help Center guides you through setup, troubleshooting and making the most of this powerful plugin. You can also speak to an actual person if you’re really stuck!

“After testing 4-5 of the most popular options, I can say that Bibblio is the best related posts plugin that I’ve used.”
– Colin Newcomer, WPLift

Despite being an industry-grade service carrying out extremely complex AI computation and storage, the plugin still remains free of charge if you choose the Starter plan. This lets you import a total of 500 posts and show modules on your site up to 25,000 times each month. It’s perfect for small sites or if you need proof that it’s as smart as people say, before scaling up to a larger plan that can handle more intense volumes.

You’ve taken the related posts for a test drive and you’re happy with what you’ve seen, but you’ve hit your cap on posts or module displays per month. You can increase these volumes significantly from as little as $19/month, with no hidden charges. This ensures all of your posts are imported and that related posts are displayed for the entirety of each month. It also means the suggestions include your most recent posts. Bibblio’s plans are totally transparent and our support team is on hand to assist when you need to scale up.

Sites are seeing around 6x ROI when they use Bibblio’s plugin. The paid plans and Enterprise license also allows you to use different implementation methods that open up features such as personalization and cataloguing. Talk to a member of the Bibblio team to find out more.

“We’ve seen its spookily accurate article recommendations drive a 2.5% increase in overall page views. Bibblio is able to understand what our news stories are about and recommend the perfect related stories. In many ways, I suspect there is some witchcraft involved.”
– Matt Martel, Business Desk

The WP Engine Advantage.

WP Engine and Bibblio are on the same mission for the web – specifically in creating experiences that derive more value for both the site owner and the end user. Bibblio was very keen to bring the power of their content discovery platform to WordPress users via a plugin that could get them running enterprise-quality recommendations in just a few clicks and at exceptional value.

As Bibblio’s processing is handled outside of WP Engine, the platform recognized it as one of the few related posts plugins they recommend as an alternative to those that suffer from the same MySQL, indexing, and search issues that cause performance problems. Couple that with the ‘spookily accurate’ related post suggestions powered by a set of ever-learning, ever-improving AI algorithms, and displayed in slick, well-built modules, and it was perfect for WP Engine users.

At the start of 2019, Related Posts for Bibblio was accepted as a recommended plugin, passing all code reviews and certification, assuring WP Engine’s customers that this was the go-to, stable solution for related posts and more. Those customers were used to doing the right things – they’d chosen a premium service such as WP Engine after all – so they expected a professional, results-driven experience from the Bibblio platform.

“Bibblio might just be the perfect plugin for you.”
– Freddy Muriuki, WPExplorer

How do you get started with Bibblio?

Download the Related Posts by Bibblio plugin on the plugin repository.

During setup you’ll create a Bibblio account. This is necessary to securely communicate with Bibblio’s related posts engine so that it can index and connect all of your posts. Whilst it runs it continuously recalculates these complex relationships, including any new posts that are added to the mix. This heavy and intensive process is handled on Bibblio’s servers, not on-the-fly on your website, hence you need a Bibblio account. You’ll be guided to this from the plugin’s admin page. You can choose a free Starter plan or a paid plan that better suits your site size and traffic volume.

About Bibblio.

Bibblio is a full-service AI discovery platform that helps content owners increase engagement, diversify revenue and drive audience without invasive and irrelevant adtech. Bibblio’s content recommendation technology lets digital publishers and media businesses display their truly relevant content across their own sites.

This platform couldn’t come at a more important moment. The days of relying solely on advertising are coming to an end, with forward-thinking content owners looking to diversify their revenues across subscription, ecommerce, sponsorship and more. These owners are using Bibblio to provide smarter ways to deliver value through their content and products, whilst gaining a better understanding of their audience.

Use Bibblio to create engagement and loyalty across your editorial, subscription, e-commerce and branded content mix. You can recirculate and personalize your content quickly and accurately to ensure the right user finds the right content across multiple touchpoints. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C content owner, you can make deep connections with your audiences by using Bibblio.