Two-way email commenting for WordPress

Replyable brings intelligent, two-way comment subscriptions to WordPress. More comments means better SEO, more sales, and a happier community.

Replyable works with your existing WordPress comment system to let users subscribe to comments, received only the best, and be able to respond directly from their favorite email client.

Comment subscriptions reimagined – for better SEO, better conversations, and easier comment management

Replyable is smart: Not all comments are created equal. Some are thoughtful, relevant, and worth sharing. Others are just a waste of time. Replyable lets your users subscribe to comments without fear – only the best comments will be sent via email.

Replyable is aware: Nobody will get too much email. As conversations get busy comments will be combined into a daily digest. Subscribe to comments is finally safe again.

Replyable listens: Reply to any email sent from Replyable to post your response as a followup comment. No forms, no websites. It works online or offline, from anywhere. And to make comment moderation easier, authors can moderate comments with simple email commands.

Replyable plays wells with others: Replyable is compatible with all other WordPress comment plugins including Epoch, wpDiscuz, Inline Comments, Commentluv, and your current antispam and moderation workflows.

The days of one-way notifications are over. It’s time to let them hit reply.