Restricted Site Access

Restrict site access to registered users and specific IP addresses.

Easily control access to your site

Easily restrict access to your website to logged-in users or visitors from a specific set of IP addresses. Restricted visitors can be redirected to any URL, sent to a selected page created in WordPress, sent to the log-in, or shown a custom message. With more than 20,000 active installations, Restricted Site Access is the perfect solution for extranets, publicly-hosted intranets, or parallel development and staging sites.

This plugin adds new configuration options to the WordPress Reading settings panel, as well as the multisite Network Settings panel that include:

  • Enable or disable site restriction
  • Add IP addresses to an unrestricted list, including ranges
  • Add your current IP to the unrestricted list
  • Customize the behavior for restricted visitors, including:
  • Redirection to a web address, including options to send visitors to the same requested path and set the HTTP status code for SEO friendliness;
  • Define a simple message or select a page to show restricted visitors—great for “coming soon” teasers!
  • Options to enforce restriction across a multisite network, and/or define default restriction settings for new sites added to the network.

Restricted Site Access settings shown within the Reading Settings in WP Admin