Robot Ninja

Automated checkout testing for your WooCommerce store.

Robot Ninja by Prospress provides automated checkout testing for WooCommerce stores.

Never worry about whether your checkout is actually working ever again. Simply connect your WooCommerce store to Robot Ninja and it will run through a comprehensive suite of tests using real products and real payments – no coding skills required.

So whether you’re a developer or a store owner, you can let Robot Ninja take care of the tedious manual work of testing so you can get on with the day-to-day running of your own online store.

Is Your Checkout Working?

It’s a question that keeps a lot of store owners and WooCommerce developers up at night. We know because we asked them.

We talked to and interviewed dozens of people who told us that:

  • It’s an all-too-common occurrence to discover a checkout hasn’t been working for days, even weeks. Often, store owners find out when a loyal customer points it out.
  • Many store owners and developers experience anxiety because they worry about whether their store is working properly or if they’ve set it up correctly.
  • They spend too much time maintaining and testing their stores – and use convoluted and inventive ways to test if their checkout is working.

The solution? Automated checkout testing with Robot Ninja.

Robot Ninja’s Features

Testing is one of those all-too-important things that is often pushed to the side or simply forgotten about. We get it – testing is time consuming, tedious and costly to maintain.

That’s why we built Robot Ninja to take care of it for you.

With Robot Ninja you can:

  • Queue up tests right now and watch as they’re processed
  • Schedule automated tests to run – if you want to run tests every third day or weekly, Robot Ninja can do that for you
  • Immediately see the results from the last test that was run
  • Get notified when a test fails, including information about the error, your store configuration, and a screenshot of what the user see at the time of failure to help diagnose the issue
  • Use real products and make real payments (not dummy ones)

Robot Ninja will test your WooCommerce store in a fraction of the time it takes you to do it manually. The tests it runs are comprehensive – it checks core pages are loading (including shop, cart pages etc), existing customers can log in, guests can successfully check out, existing customers can return to make more purchases, and more.

Plus, with Robot Ninja you don’t need to touch code, use tools like Git or GitHub, or install any packages via the terminal. Simply connect your WooCommerce store to Robot Ninja to get started with your first test.

Robot Ninja Supports Agencies

Do you maintain WooCommerce stores for clients? Never worry about a checkout failing or an update breaking a client’s site ever again. With Robot Ninja, you can test multiple checkouts and ensure your clients’ stores are always online and working smoothly.

  • Connect multiple stores and manage them from one account
  • Get notified if a client’s store stops working
  • Streamline (or enhance) your testing workflow after WooCommerce and WordPress updates and let Robot Ninja take care of some of it for you
  • Maintain a history of test results

Robot Ninja is an ideal complement to regular uptime monitoring since it does more than just check for a HTML response.

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As WP Engine customer, you can get started using Robot Ninja for free. With our Free plan, you can start testing your store today and upgrade later to test unlimited stores and checkout testing using real payments.