SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

Check your content for SEO friendliness on the go

SEO Writing Assistant provides instant recommendations for optimizing your content based on existing articles that are already doing great on Google. Content and marketing professionals can check if any text that they are working with meets various content-quality guidelines in just a few clicks.


  • SEO recommendations: make sure that the text includes all the needed keywords, including semantically related terms that help you send appropriate signals to Google. Check the volume and difficulty of the keywords to know which of them are more valuable
  • Readability: evaluate your text’s difficulty based on the Flesch-Kincaid reading-ease score. Get actionable recommendations on how to improve the clarity of your text
  • Originality: ensure that your copywriter had produced original content
  • Tone of voice: validate that you are keeping up with the required formality level
  • Linking: keep an eye for possible errors and problems with your links
  • Overall score: get an aggregated score based on the recommendations provided

The plugin requires logging into an SEMrush account to generate recommendations for a particular page. Users who have access to the page with previously generated recommendations will see it automatically without registration.

Is it free?

Readability features are available for all users. Free SEMrush users can create one recommendation set. Paid users have different keyword budgets depending on the subscription level.

About SEMrush

SEMrush is a leading digital marketing toolkit for SEO, PPC, SMM and Content Marketing professionals worldwide. With over 25 tools within the software, search data for 140 countries and seamless integration with Google services, SEMrush provides solutions for in-house marketing teams and agencies working with clients in any industry.

In its niche and pricing segment, SEMrush is an absolute leader in the number of tools available from one account and the richness of its data. By ensuring an easy workflow between marketing team members, SEMrush helps them become frontrunners in their industries.