StudioPress Themes

StudioPress themes to make your site beautiful, fast, and SEO friendly.

StudioPress offers world-class WordPress themes that excel in design, security, and performance.

The whole range of themes are built on top of the world’s most popular WordPress theme framework, the Genesis Framework.

This means your site will be faster, more secure, more accessible, more mobile responsive, and more search engine friendly.


More professional & more powerful websites, in less time.

Create a beautiful, fully-functional, mobile-responsive, and high-performing WordPress site in minutes. Leverage 10 themes spanning multiple use-cases and business verticals, including Content & Commerce, Professional Services, Media Publishing, Nonprofit, Higher Education, and more.

Website designs that mean business.

It’s not enough that your site looks good, it also has to help you drive toward your business goals.

StudioPress themes are all designed with your needs in mind, from attracting qualified leads, through to growing your authority, and making sales.

Look through the selection of themes and find the perfect theme for your requirements, then customize to precisely match your brand, while being confident it will be well represented regardless of how your prospects find you and view your site.

Future-proof your WordPress digital experience from top to bottom.

As your website needs grow in complexity, you need to know your site design and code can keep pace. With StudioPress themes, you can easily build in customizations, and seamlessly update your websites, instantly, and with the latest security and feature enhancements. Each site built on the Genesis framework receives regular updates that help to deliver more responsive, personalized, and engaging experiences, without the usual software-maintenance headaches.

For designers and developers, StudioPress themes greatly expand the diversity of digital innovation options for your clients, while reducing your development time and level of effort.

Digital experience developers can leverage the Genesis framework to accelerate customization while continuing to ensure proper security, SEO, and site speed.

Rock solid security.

  • An open-source network of developers constantly monitoring development for quality and security.
  • Trusted by hundreds of thousands of websites.
  • Audited and tested before each release.
  • Maintained for you for greater peace of mind in the ever changing landscape

Easy to customize and fast.

  • Shorten development cycles, removing technical headaches with the hooks and shared language of Genesis.
  • Genesis plugins and widgets allow you to easily add functionality, no coding required.
  • Lightweight codebase delivers fast site speed.

Out-of-the-box SEO included.

  • Built-in SEO removes need for in-house technical expertise – concentrate on building quality content and let the framework take care of the under the hood aspects.
  • Audited and critiqued by leading SEO experts to ensure it is up-to-date.