weeblrAMP provides advanced Accelerated Mobile Pages support for WordPress

What is weeblrAMP?

weeblrAMP automatically creates and advertises to search engines an Accelerated Mobile Pages version of your web site content. weeblrAMP can be configured extensively from your site admin, yet it comes with sensible defaults, and most of its operation is automated. Forget the common static AMP pages, weeblrAMP allows creating a fully interactive AMP version of your site including forms and E-Commerce.

AMP provides real search and conversion benefits, especially for e-commerce but only if your AMP pages can maintain nearly features-parity with your standard site and this is weeblrAMP goal.

Whether you’re a end user willing to benefit from AMP display speed or a large e-commerce site looking for the increased conversion on mobile devices that AMP provides, weeblrAMP is your tool of choice for both ease of use and point-and-click configuration, or for programmatic customization with template overrides and many well-documented filters.

What are the features and benefits of weeblrAMP?

weeblrAMP is a plugin for WordPress, continuously updated, well-documented and professionally supported. Its free community version will create AMP versions of your site and allow for standard customization. It can convert most types of content and already offers support for interactivity such as commenting, an essential feature of all mobile websites.

Here is a limited feature list:

  • Automatic AMP conversion based on whitelist
  • Posts, pages, categories and archives, tags, home, search and author pages, with pagination
  • WordPress galleries conversion to carousels
  • Yoast and JetPack integrations
  • AMP-only widgets
  • Comment directly on AMP pages (WP comments)
  • Sliding or dropdown menus, use regular WordPress menus
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag manager
  • Full output overrides with child themes templates and/or 70 documented filters
  • Color/layout customizable in admin
  • Shortcodes for AMP-only or non-AMP only content

All your content can be converted to an AMP version automatically. You have full control on which parts of your site is converted and which parts are not, with lots of customization options.

The regular edition adds a ton of features to the Community edition. Most notably, common forms, e-commerce and marketing content is automatically converted and operating without modification. When creating the AMP version of your pages, weeblrAMP will also maintain the most important features of your normal site such as adding to cart or letting users select variations of a product interactively.

  • Automatic forms conversion: Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms
  • Extensive WooCommerce support, with an AMP Add-to-cart button
  • Extensive Easy Digital Downloads support, with categories navigation and AMP purchase buttons
  • Mailchimp for WP support, with automatic conversion of your signup forms
  • Automatic paragraph-count-based, or shortcodes-based ads insertion in content
  • Tracking user events with Google Analytics
  • Live commenting for both WordPress and Disqus comments
  • One-click Disqus setup, with nothing to do on your server
  • Full search support
  • Enhanced static social sharing buttons
  • PolyLang support
  • Extended schema.org support
  • A unique standalone mode
  • Professional support

The WP Engine Advantage.

As is common, the global performance of your site will depend on the weakest link. While AMP itself will make sure the AMP versions of your pages displays as fast as possible for your visitors, especially from search results, the benefits will mostly be lost if the server your regular pages are served from is itself slow. Coming from fast AMP pages to slow regular pages is likely to reduce engagement and conversion. Using WPEngine is a guarantee of speed and reliability and is a solid basis for a successful Accelerated Mobile Pages implementation.

How do you get started with weeblrAMP?

You can install weeblrAMP community edition for free directly from your WordPress site admin, on the Plugins page. To get the regular Edition of WeeblrAMP, head over to the WeeblrPress website and select your preferred edition.

About weeblrAMP.

WeeblrPress is nearly 10 years old small company creating, maintaining and supporting plugins for open-source CMS. We have been focused from the start on SEO and content-related plugins only.