WP Migrate DB Pro

Migrate your WordPress database to/from dev, staging, or prod - in seconds.

What is WP Migrate DB Pro?

WP Migrate DB Pro allows you to migrate your site between two WordPress installs. Copy your database from one WordPress install to another with one click in your dashboard so you can stop wasting time on migrations. With the Media Files Addon, push and pull your Media Library files between two WordPress installs. The Theme and Plugin Files Addon allows you to migrate your theme and plugin files and saves you from having to log in via FTP.

Watch this screencast to see it in action:

What are the features and benefits of WP Migrate DB Pro?

WP Migrate DB allows you to export your database, perform a find & replace that handles serialized data and save migration profiles. Some features you can expect in WP Migrate DB Pro are:

  • Push and pull your databases – WP Migrate DB Pro allows you to pull the live database down and replace your local database or push your local database up to staging.
  • Find & Replace that handles serialized data – WP Migrate DB Pro avoids corrupting any serialization by detecting serialized data and running a special find & replace on it.
  • Backup your database before replacing it – Select the backup option before running a migration to back up your database and give you peace of mind before running the migration and replacing it.
  • Media Files Addon – Push and pull your Media Library files between two WordPress installs. Copy all your media files over or choose to compare both libraries and only migrate the media that’s missing or updated.
  • Theme & Plugin Files Addon – No need for FTP access, simply push or pull your theme and plugin files between two WordPress installs with the Theme & Plugin Files addon.
  • CLI Addon – Set up migrations to run automatically with a cron job. The CLI Addon integrates with WP-CLI and gives you push, pull and import commands. You can also specify all the arguments to run a migration.
  • Multisite Tools Addon – Allows you to export a subsite as an SQL file which you can then use to import as a single site install. Don’t want to fuss around with SQL files? Push a subsite to a single site install or pull a single site install into a subsite.

In addition to the features listed above, a WP Migrate DB Pro license gives you access to support to help troubleshoot any issues you may run into related to WP Migrate DB Pro. It’ll also ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest version of the plugin.

The WP Migrate—and WP Engine—Advantage

Whether you’re migrating a site for your clients, a side-hustle or a personal site, WP Migrate DB Pro will save you time (and frustration) on your site migrations allowing you to get back to business. With developer support, you’re never alone should you run into any issues during the migration process. Your mind can be at ease knowing your migration workflow will always be as efficient as possible with access to the latest software updates.

And with industry leading WordPress hosting from WP Engine, your new site will run faster and smoother than ever before!

How do you get started with WP Migrate DB Pro?

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