In this three part webinar series, presented by WP Engine support experts, you will learn how to speed up WordPress sites. While many sites successfully achieve an ideal load time of 2 seconds or less, many top brands still encounter performance problems when dealing with sudden traffic spikes, which can result in high bounce rate due to slow performance and frequent downtime. The series explores a variety tips and tricks as well as a question and answer session at the end of each webinar.

1 – Quick Wins to Get Your Site Up to Speed

(Duration: 20 + 25 mins Q&A)
In this first webinar, we highlight the quick changes that give you immediate return to prepare your site for handling peak capacity. We share valuable insights to help you recognize early signs of trouble and extend your website’s peak capacity, giving you peace of mind.

Topics will include:

  • Optimization via Plugins: Ensuring the plugins you choose are efficient and effective in creating a scalable WordPress experience. We review general settings to allow you to be as scalable as possible;
  • Utilizing Third Party Services: Offloading static assets, providing analytics, and status updates are all services you can use to your advantage. We discuss options and how to use them.
  • We also address best practices that allow you to better understand the current performance of your WordPress site and anticipate high traffic volume.

2 – Seven Steps for Front End Optimization

(Duration: 20 + 25 mins Q&A)
In this webinar, we share seven steps that will allow you to be better prepared to handle peak capacity by optimizing the front end of your WordPress site to make it faster.

We will address:

  • Minification
  • Image Compression
  • CDN
  • GZIP
  • Mobile Uploads
  • Optimizing 3rd party CSS or JavaScript requests
  • SSL connections and more…

After listening to this session you will be able put into practice several improvements to your WordPress site’s frontend that will impact overall performance.

3 – Back-End Optimization, Beyond the Basics

(Duration: 20 + 25 mins Q&A)
This is the final webinar of our 3 part series dedicated to Peak Capacity. After reviewing some quick fixes to improve site capacity and looking into seven important steps to optimize the front-end of your WordPress site we will now dive into the topic of back-end optimization. Expect this session to be the most advanced of the 3 webinars and dedicated to a more technical audience.

Key topics include:

  • PHP Performance
  • MySQL
  • Caching and Queries

You’ll learn how tuning the back end of your WordPress sites will have a big impact on your ability to brace against heavy traffic.