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April 1, 2012, Austin Texas.

WP Engine has announced a new WordPress caching technology capable of serving pages the instant before a visitor arrives at the site. WP Engine is calling the new caching system TachyCache, after the subatomic particle that moves faster than the speed of light. The product is being released from beta, and early customer reports are proving TachyCache’s ability to cache the future state of WordPress pages.

To achieve this previously impossible page speed, WP Engine developed a TCP/IP layer running atop a faster-than-light neutrino stream. To support page-state, WP Engine has developed quantum-entangled cookies capable of saving the “future state” of a page. This allows WP Engine to render and cache pages before they are requested by the user, enabling page data to be pre-fetched by the web browser (requires WebKit 4 Release Candidate 2 and above) and instantaneously displayed to the user when they click a link within WordPress. This has taken page load times down from 1-2 seconds to between 10 and 20ms on average.

“We’re obviously very excited about TachyCache. I’ve always wanted WP Engine to be known as the fastest WordPress host, so we previously were using cutting edge Varnish caching, which can render a page in a matter of milliseconds. TachyCache may send Varnish to the scrap heap because we’ve managed to achieve negative-time caching”, said founder and CEO, Jason Cohen.

TachyCache’s patented caching algorithm works to cache a page in the future and then “backwards cache” the page from the future, into the past, meaning webpages will be served to a visitor’s browser before they’ve ever clicked a link.

“I knew that working for WP Engine meant getting to work with cutting-edge technology.  TachyCache has made it easier than ever to stay ahead of my Support queue since we know about problems before they arise.   I had no idea this is what WP Engine was talking about when they said ‘Proactive Support’”

– Donovan Hernandez
Junior Support Tech

TachyCache is currently an invite-only beta for qualified sites; but you can fill out the form on this page now to learn more about WP Engine’s aggressive product roadmap, and stay up to date on TachyCache.  You’ll also receive a free WordPress performance analysis and you can optionally sign up for a free e-mail course on improving your site’s performance.

Media inquiries can be directed to WP Engine and Shayda Torabi, [email protected]. WordPress sites who already know what the future holds can visit our plans page.