The Most WordPress Experts Per 1000 Customers…

Great support? Many hosting companies claim this. But when you’re hosting WordPress, you need specific support. If a plugin breaks, or a theme file doesn’t work, and you’re hosted with a typical hosting company, they’ll throw up their hands and say “Not responsible! We just provide the server and the bandwidth, buddy.”

Not so at WP Engine. Our staff consists entirely of WordPress experts, so we can help you track down and troubleshoot WordPress issues. But don’t let us tell you that. How about letting our customers tell you in their own words?

“I was very nervous about leaving GoDaddy when I transferred my site to WPEngine. But you guys have proven time and again, that I can count on, trust, and rely on you! I don’t miss GoDaddy because your customer service is just as, if not more superb than theirs -AND- your hosting is a million times better! Thanks again!”

— Kathy Burckhardt
Creative Services Manager/Consultant for network

“I have to say that ‘DAMN’ your support and customer service is good! No, really! I don’t know if you guy’s are spoiling me or that every other hosting service that I have used in 15 years were BAD! The difference so far has been like chalk and cheese, you can quote me!”

— Dave Stroud

“It’s nice to concern ourselves with the content and growth of our blog rather than trying to be our own IT department.”

— Jay B. Sauceda
Public School

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