WP Engine Reviews

“…for any business or professional blogger, WP Engine is a no brainer and great investment in your business…

– Scott Ellis, vsellis.com

I am ready for speed and really excited to start using their service. My traffic hardly requires the “supercharged” hosting they offer, but I plan to scale…

– Bret Phillips, bretphillips.com

“I didn’t think my website could be so fast before trying WP Engine! AND they have awesome support.”

– Jordy Meow, Author of WP Retina Plugin

At first I was skeptical of ditching a regular webhost or VPS, because I felt like I would be limited in what I could do. But for the purpose of running WordPress powered websites, WP engine is great!”

– Jake Rutter, onerutter.com

“WP Engine also has some great looking tools for people who need to manage multiple WordPress sites. It’s like they designed this service for us.”

– Dalton, madebyraygun.com

“I don’t need to spend hours reading about the difference between Hypercache and WP Total Cache, or whether I should use Memcached, Varnish, a reverse proxied Nginx server, or all of the above. All that stuff’s interesting, but it’s not the best use of my time.

Basically, I’ve decided to stay with WPEngine not because they provide very expensive hosting – although it’s excellent – but because they provide a very cheap, very good, very agreeable full-time dedicated sysadmin for my blog.

Which means I can concentrate on, you know, writing it.”

– Hugh Hancock, mmomeltingpot.com

“WPEngine loads faster than anything I have tried in the past, full stop. I am extremely amazed with the server speed since the day one I shifted my host – thanks to its special server configuration and no overselling rule*. Also, it is worth noting that WHSR is running on 100% uptime until this time of writing.”

– Jerry, webhostingsecretrevealed

“$2,500 a year for blog hosting sounds a bit on the high side, but it is honestly nothing against the amount of time that I will no longer have to invest supporting this sucker. I love being out of the hosting business. I never intended on being in it in the first place — it was always just something I needed to do to write for people.”

– Patrick, kalzumeus.com

“They know WordPress and they optimize their servers and your sites to make sure they run as quickly as possible. Plus they automatically install the best plugins when you sign up for an account.”

– Dustin Hartzler, yourwebsiteengineer.com

“All Geek Build participants should switch off their current hosts and over to WPEngine.”

– Drew Meyers, geekestateblog.com

“They ONLY host WordPress sites and do a great job of it!”

– Tim Bowen, creativeslice.com

“My previous host essentially told me to take a hike and to hire a programmer to fix a recurring issue on my site. Knowing this, I took my chance with the support team at WP Engine and they personally spent hours digging through the problem and came up with a solution to fix the issue… I love these guys!”

– BJ Wright, Discount Queens

“The WP Engine tech support staff know WordPress. Other hosting companies won’t address issues they consider to be caused by third party applications.”

– Ruth Maude, Dandelion Web Design

“I highly recommend WP Engine’s managed WordPress hosting services. Uptime has been excellent, and the guys at support have always gone out of their way to help me whenever I had any questions or trouble with the site.”

– Jean Galea, WP Mayor

“I use WP Engine, the premium managed WordPress-only hosting company, because they run on advanced custom-built technology for WordPress. You just can’t set up that kind of awesomeness yourself for $29/mo.”

– Geir Ellefsen, EdgySEO.com

“Why WP Engine? Three reasons – site speed and scalability and security.”

– Devesh Sharma, WP Kube