GeoTarget by WP Engine

Change content based on a visitor's location

WP Engine customers can take advantage of GeoTarget to create more relevant, targeted, personalized user experiences on their WordPress sites. With GeoTarget, you can use your visitors’ IP addresses to identify their location and show content that is geographically relevant.

Change your phone number, site imagery, or any other number of elements on your WordPress site based on the location of your site visitor. Got a visitor in Austin, Texas? Show them the State Capitol. You will be able to cater the content on your site to each visitor without the use of third-party tools that may be costly or reduce site performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Use WordPress short codes to make implementing geo targeted content super easy!
  • Great for global businesses or business with lots of local physical locations.
  • Eliminate the need for additional geotargeting plugins that might affect your site speed or performance
  • GeoTarget look-up happens on WP Engine’s servers

GeoTarget is available for all WP Engine customers. If you are a current customer, contact our Support team to have GeoTarget enabled on your account. New customers can purchase GeoTarget as an add on when you sign up for WP Engine. 

For additional details on how to get started with GeoTarget, take a look at our implementation article in the support garage.