PHP Compatibility Checker by WP Engine

Make your site faster, check your PHP compatibility

The WP Engine PHP Compatibility Checker is a plugin that can be installed on any WordPress site (not just WP Engine sites), and tells you what version of PHP your site is compatible with. PHP 7 is the most recent of PHP and is much faster than older versions, but you need to first make sure your site is ready for the upgrade.

Use the PHP Compatibility Checker to see if your site is ready for PHP 7. Sites moving from older versions of PHP to PHP 7 can often times cut your page load time in half! A faster site means a lower bounce rate and higher conversions.

Benefits & Features

  • Easy to install on any site, on any hosting platform
  • Errors and warnings are categorized to make reviewing errors as quick as possible
  • See the file and line number of the offending code with info as to why the line is incompatible with your chosen version of PHP
  • Suggestions for updates to themes and plugins
  • A dev mode option allows you to turn off styling so you can see a text-only report

It only takes a few minutes to install the plugin and run a PHP compatibility test!

If you’re a WP Engine customer and your site is ready for PHP 7 you can read how to change your site to PHP 7 in our support garage. If you’re not a WP Engine customer, you can select PHP 7 in our signup process when creating a new account.