Application Performance by WP Engine

Quickly detect and troubleshoot application issues

What happens to your business if your site experiences slowdowns or outages? How do you go about fixing your site when there are issues? How long does that usually take?

Even the best sites run into unexpected issues. Often finding and fixing the root cause can take hours or even days, leading to lost revenue and a poor customer experience. IT and development teams need a way keep sites running smooth by quickly pinpointing and resolving site issues. WP Engine has partnered with New Relic, leaders in digital intelligence, to provide WordPress application monitoring. WP Engine’s Application Performance solution includes New Relic APM Pro and technical support from WordPress experts at WP Engine. With Application Performance, customers on Premium and Enterprise plans have code-level visibility, allowing you and your team to troubleshoot faster, optimize your WordPress experience, and increase development agility.


Benefits & Features

  • Troubleshoot Faster: Quickly determine the root causes of performance problems for faster resolution and peace of mind when you get that late night call.
  • Optimize Performance: Early detection from customer experience metrics and alert notifications allow you to expose performance issues you weren’t anticipating.
  • Drive Innovation: Identify your site’s performance issue(s) with themes, plugins, and APIs to develop new functionality.


Application Performance is available to WP Engine customers on a Premium or Enterprise plan  at an additional cost. Contact our enterprise sales team to see if Application Performance is a right fit for your site.

Not a customer? Speak with a member of our sales team to learn how you can get started and utilize Application Performance to keep your site running smooth.