Application Performance.

Deliver faster site speed and increased stability with code-level application performance monitoring, powered by New Relic.

Find and fix the needle in a haystack—fast.

A 2-second delay in load time could cause you to lose 87% of your site visitors. But, detecting and troubleshooting site issues can take a long time. Development cycles get bogged down in testing and validation. Your IT operations and development teams need the ability to quickly pinpoint issues with laser accuracy to ensure optimal site performance at all times.

Code-level insights to fix
application issues fast.


Quickly pinpoint root causes of application performance problems for faster resolution.

Be proactive, not reactive.

Proactively optimize performance and protect your customer experience with full-stack alerting.


Develop new functionality faster by identifying MySQL performance issues with themes, plugins, and APIs.

Find and fix issues in real-time.

Get a detailed overview of the real-time and historical state of your WordPress application, including throughput metrics, error rates, and end-user response time. Know where time is being spent in your app, and drill down for more visibility when troubleshooting.

Get ahead of the problem.

Visualize errors by frequency, host, or transaction, and pivot on error data to group, sort, and analyze errors in the context of your WordPress application. With powerful analytics capabilities for delving into errors, you can understand the root cause of issues and prevent the same issue from happening again.

Deliver cutting-edge experiences faster.

Shorten development cycles by comparing application performance before and after deploys. If you see your site stay stable or get faster you know your update did not have any unintended performance consequences.

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