Global Edge Security from WP Engine and Cloudflare.

Deliver consistently delightful customer experiences with enterprise-grade security from WP Engine and Cloudflare.

WP Engine + Cloudflare

Delight and differentiate with a protected digital experience.

Global Edge Security is a high-performance advanced security solution with DDoS protection and a Web Application Firewall (WAF), designed to keep your sites secure while delivering a faster experience for your customers. WP Engine’s Global Edge Security extends the security benefits already realized by WP Engine’s platform, including managed core updates, two-factor authentication, and daily backups.

Take advantage of the built-in expert rule sets from the combined intelligence of Cloudflare and WP Engine and data from Cloudflare’s 10 million websites to protect you automatically against emerging threats. You gain the best security protection against top OWASP security vulnerabilities, compromised data, and DDoS attacks that threaten to black out your digital business, brought to you by the leaders in WordPress and cloud security.

Protect your brand from cyber attacks.

As companies gather increasing amounts of personal data from customers, the consequences of data losses become increasingly large. And while digital experiences continue to evolve rapidly in their sophistication to meet consumer demand, so does the nefarious activity of hackers.

Companies face increasing risks of serious financial and brand reputation loss. In 2017, the average cost to enterprises and SMBs to repair security damage was $2M and $120K per incident, respectively. To differentiate in an era of vast consumer choice, brands must invest in site performance and security as a strategic insurance policy. And with more threat types than ever, it’s critical to protect and grow your business with multi-layer security for your sites.

Protect your revenue and reputation while driving better site performance.

Deflect attacks with managed WAF

Block threats at the edge
and get automatic updates
to respond to emerging threats.

Protect business ops with DDoS mitigation

Absorb attacks with protection at the network, transport, and application layers.

Speed up application performance

Deliver content faster with Cloudflare's next-generation CDN.

Keep hackers at bay with managed web application firewall.

Our managed WAF includes rule sets tailored and managed to protect WordPress by mitigating threats at the edge. It does more than block specific IP addresses or ports; it inspects web traffic for signs of XSS or SQL injections. It also automatically updates to respond to emerging threats, minimizing the risks from hackers employing new techniques.

Protect your business assets with DDoS mitigation.

Cloudflare’s Global Anycast network absorbs highly distributed attack traffic to keep you online. Origin infrastructure is protected by detecting and dropping volumetric attacks at the edge. Shared intelligence across 10M websites helps proactively block known bad signatures.

Improve site performance with Cloudflare's CDN.

Global Edge Security caches your content across Cloudflare's global network, bringing it closer to your visitors for an improved customer experience.

Select a plan.

The most flexible plans in the industry available exclusively on the only WordPress Digital Experience Platform (DXP). Whether you're just starting up, scaling, or need a custom solution, select a plan that's right for your business, and upgrade as you grow.

Visits per month
Sites Show Details Add an additional site for $20 (USD) per month.
Local storage
Bandwidth per month
Genesis Framework Show Details The most beloved WordPress theme framework for building secure, fast, and SEO-friendly sites.
35+ StudioPress Themes Show Details 35+ premium WordPress themes built on the Genesis Framework.
Dev/Stage/Prod Environments Show Details Quickly set up an efficient development workflow.
Transferable Sites Show Details Create a free website and easily transfer the site to a paid account. Great for agencies and freelancers!
PHP 7.3 ready Show Details While PHP 7.3 is our default version, PHP 7.2 is available if required.
Evercache Show Details Our proprietary front-end system makes all our customers‘ digital experiences incredibly fast and scalable.
LargeFS Show Details LargeFS transparently gives you infinite storage for media, by seamlessly integrating your Amazon S3 account with our platform.
Global CDN Show Details Faster load times for customers around the world.
Page Performance Show Details Real-time, page-level performance diagnostics and expert recommendations.
Automated SSL certificates Show Details Get automated certificate installation and renewals. Choose between our free certificate and paid certificate options.
24/7 chat support Show Details Open a Live Chat using the User Portal and our experts will take care of you.
GeoTarget Show Details Use our GeoIP service to dynamically serve content to visitors based on geography.
WordPress Multisite Show Details Convert your site to a WordPress Multisite.
Additional Sites Show Details Add additional sites to your plan.
Smart Plugin Manager Show Details Save time by automatically updating WordPress plugins to help keep sites secure.
Imported SSL certificates Show Details Bring your own certificates from a certificate provider you prefer. For automated certificate installation and renewals, try our Automated SSL Certificates.
24/7 phone support
Consultative onboarding Show Details Dedicated technical success manager for your first 30 days.
Launch readiness assessment Show Details Personalized pre-launch review of performance and best practices.
SSH Gateway Show Details Efficiently manage WordPress sites through command line tools like WP-CLI.
Global Edge Security Show Details Protect your digital experience with advanced edge security for WordPress.
Application Performance Show Details Code-level visibility powered by New Relic APM Pro.
Dedicated Dev Environments Show Details Isolated environments for development and testing purposes.
Customer success management Show Details Strategic consultative services to proactively plan for your success.
24/7 ticket support Show Details Submit a ticket via the User Portal and we'll respond around the clock.
High availability Show Details Active-active configuration with multi-zone redundancy for strongest uptime protection and failover.


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Visits per month Up to millions
Sites Starts with 30
Local storage 100GB – 1TB
Bandwidth per month 400GB+
Genesis Framework Included
35+ StudioPress Themes Included
Dev/Stage/Prod Environments Included
Transferable Sites Included
PHP 7.3 ready Included
Evercache Included
LargeFS Included
Global CDN Included
Page Performance Included
Automated SSL certificates Included
24/7 chat support Included
GeoTarget Included
WordPress Multisite Included
Additional Sites
Smart Plugin Manager Add-on
Imported SSL certificates Included
24/7 phone support Included
Consultative onboarding Included
Launch readiness assessment Included
SSH Gateway Included
Global Edge Security Add-on
Application Performance Add-on
Dedicated Dev Environments Available
Customer success management Available
24/7 ticket support Available
High availability Available


Call 1-877-973-6446
to talk to a specialist.
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Prices listed are in US dollars