Cloudflare Stream Video Plugin for WordPress

Upload and stream videos in WordPress using Cloudflare Stream

Cloudflare Stream is an affordable, easy to use, on-demand video streaming service that runs on Cloudflare’s global network.  Built in partnership with WP Engine, the Cloudflare Video Stream Plugin for WordPress uses the Cloudflare Stream API to enable WordPress users to fully manage their videos within the WordPress Admin console.  No more toggling between interfaces to add, delete or edit videos for WordPress users — adding video to your site is now easy and seamless.

Content editors can easily embed videos into article content within the WordPress dashboard. It uses a block editor-first approach, leaning into the future of WordPress via the WordPress block editor. It also leverages WordPress’s Media Library APIs so users can stay within the WordPress console to make edits or manage their video library.  Take your WordPress sites to the next level with a digital experience that will delight both developers and your audience!


-Add, edit metadata and delete videos all within the WP-Admin media library

-Embed videos into design elements, such as site headers and widgets

-Videos are hosted securely and managed with Cloudflare Stream

-Free up storage and lower bandwidth usage

-Viewers are not exposed to ads, branded labels or competing videos

-Built with the WordPress Block editor in mind