CookiePro by OneTrust

Ensure your WordPress site's use of cookies is compliant with GDPR, ePrivacy

The CookiePro plugin was developed by OneTrust, the leading provider of Privacy Management Software, to help WordPress website owners and agencies simplify cookie compliance with global privacy laws, including GDPR and ePrivacy.

CookiePro by OneTrust | Cookie Compliance Made Easy

CookiePro simplifies cookie consent through an automated website scan against the largest database of pre-categorized cookies, CookiePedia by OneTrust, built-in cookie banners and cookie preferences that can be easily customized to fit your brand, geo-targeted consent models to address requirements across various laws and standards, and complete records of consent to prove compliance.

• Scan your website against Cookiepedia database (8+ Million pre-categorized cookies)
• Review your scan results and make any adjustments needed to your cookie categories
• Choose from one of our built-in cookie banner templates, including preference center
• Enable website visitors to manage their cookie preferences and withdraw consent
• Configure geo-targeted consent models – Notice Only, Opt-In or Opt-Out
• Block cookies and other tracking technologies, and respect Do Not Track settings
• Generate and maintain an always up-to-date cookie list for your Cookie Policy page
• Keep complete records of consent to demonstrate your use of cookies is compliant
• Schedule regular website audits and get a summary of any changes on your website

• Purpose-built for compliance with GDPR, e-privacy, IAB
• Mature and trusted solution, used by 100,000+ websites
• Highly scalable across billions of impressions and visitors
• Localized user experience with support for 50+ languages
• Flexible pricing based on pages (Unlimited subdomains)

This plugin allows you to publish CookiePro’s cookie banner and preference center on your WordPress website. Use of this plugin does not, by itself, ensure compliance with legal requirements related to cookies.